A Toast to Our Intelligent Data Disruptors This Holiday Season

As the end of 2020 approaches and the holiday season is in full swing, we’re raising our glasses to celebrate our Informatica customers—our Intelligent Data Disruptors.

Our customers have made 2020 a monumental year with their data-driven initiatives. Here are a few success stories we’re excited to shine some extra light on this holiday season:

Transforming Student and Mission Outcomes With Cloud

Austin Community College has transformed the learning experience for their students in this virtual world. Through their use of Informatica Cloud Data Integration, they’re able to integrate Salesforce with Okta to grant access to student systems within seconds, versus the previous 24- to 48-hour process.

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing has experienced the benefits of Informatica’s partnership with Snowflake, allowing the organization to move data quickly and effectively into their Snowflake Cloud Data Lake. Even better, MTVH is helping ease the housing crisis in the UK during this trying year and beyond.

The New York Foundling is a nonprofit organization on a mission to help those on their own paths to stability, strength, and independence. By automating processes through their adoption of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, they’re able to improve social services outcomes by directing more staff time and budget toward research-backed programs.

Expanding Outreach With Master Data Management

JDRF is utilizing Informatica Customer 360 to amplify engagement with their entire Type 1 diabetes (T1D) community. For example, if a child in San Francisco is diagnosed or born with T1D, JDRF can match the zip code location to its volunteer base and pair a close-by volunteer to work with the family. They’ve also been able to realize a 50% expansion in their pool of recurring donors.

Union Bank of the Philippines was able to create a “golden record” for every customer through their utilization of our Master Data Management solution. Thanks to their organization’s innovation, they’ve used their golden record to launch an award-winning initiative, “Know-Your-Customer,” which aims to improve the bank’s overall customer experience.

Fjordkraft is a Norwegian-based company that delivers power and mobile telephony to customers. Understanding that premier customer service is of huge importance in this industry, they created a more flexible and customer-centric business model with Informatica Multidomain Master Data Management.

Doing Good Through Data Governance and Privacy Initiatives

The Canadian Red Cross identified an immediate need to serve additional citizens through the duration of COVID-19. Being able to eliminate hand coding and using manual processes to check their data, has allowed them to increase volunteer services, improve meal delivery, and expand support for Canadians in isolation or recovering at home from illness.

UNC Health delivered their first executive dashboard in one weekend, enabling the health system to begin to assess and manage resources for the COVID-19 pandemic. Ten other dashboards were released within two weeks using Informatica Axon Data Governance and Enterprise Data Catalog.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is an executive agency of the UK Department of Transport. Their mission since embarking on a data governance journey has been to make Britain’s roads safer with trusted data. They’ve done just that by creating a single repository for driver and vehicle data, enhancing productivity, compliance, and data security.

And with that, I ask you to raise and *clink* your glass for a “virtual cheers” to commemorate these and all other data-fueled achievements in 2020. To learn about accomplishments from other Informatica customers, I encourage you to take a look at our Unleashing the Power of Data eBook, which includes more than 140 success stories from organizations around the world.