How to Become Data-Driven with Informatica and Tableau

We all know the problem – businesses today have more data than ever: the total volume of data generated by IoT will reach 600 ZB per year by 2020. Yet many struggle to understand how to leverage their data effectively and scale business value. As a leading data analytics visualization company, Tableau has been on the forefront of helping organizations take advantage of their data assets. The company has recently introduced Tableau Blueprint, step-by-step guide to becoming a data-driven organization—and it’s interesting for several reasons. 

enterprise data management

As we’ve seen from Informatica customers, becoming a data-driven company is fraught with challenges. For many organizations, complete digital transformations require cultural transformations. Individual lines of business, for example, have much more latitude to procure their own IT solutions—shopping (often unsupervised) for technology and creating data that IT must eventually integrate. These are indeed precarious times for IT leaders.

Help for Your Tableau Blueprint Journey

Here’s why we look forward to learning more about Tableau Blueprint at the upcoming Tableau Conference November 12-15.  As the leader in enterprise data management for over 26 years now, Informatica is uniquely positioned to assist companies in their Tableau Blueprint journeys.  

As a trusted Tableau partner, Informatica helps lead data-driven transformations by not only providing ways to discover data within an enterprise, but also providing the mechanisms to ingest and cleanse that data to provide Tableau’s end users more ways to leverage the data they already have.

For example, Home Point Financial was looking to scale their business, which entailed going cloud-first.  They needed to leverage data, and since they were a Tableau shop, they also needed to connect directly to their data warehouse.  They needed a future-proof platform that would perform well with Microsoft Azure.  Working with Informatica allowed Home Point Financial to successfully utilize Tableau to present and deliver data.

Data is a strategic asset more so today than at any other time. It’s not a question of if businesses are going to transform, but when, and with what technology partners? As enterprise data management and data visualization leaders respectively, Informatica and Tableau are compelling allies to any business’s overall data-driven strategy. We look forward to seeing you at TC19. Please stop by booth #428 to learn more about how we work together with Tableau.