Standing Out in the Insurance Market: National Interstate Insurance

For a recent college grad hearing the word “insurance”, a few thoughts come to mind: “What are the odds I’ll even need to use it??”, “Holy cow this is expensive!” and “Do you think I can risk it and go without it…?” Simply put – there’s a dreaded, but necessary reality of having insurance on practically anything in our lives that has value. On the flip side, insurance companies have a responsibility to convince consumers why their services are more convenient, cost effective, or reliable than the next company’s. One way that insurance companies like National Interstate Insurance are gaining a competitive edge is through strategic data management.

National Interstate Insurance

National Interstate Insurance opened its doors in 1989 on the ideal that clients would be more than claim numbers. As of today, they’ve expanded their product offerings since opening to a line of 30 insurance choices, however – they continue to pride themselves on their strong relationships with customers and agent partners. A key component in continuing to achieve this ideal has been their adoption of a Cloud data management solution.

Through their rollout of Cloud data integration services, they’ve increased organizational effectiveness and insurance application processing efficiency by up to nine times. Some specific victories they’ve had since adoption include enabling employees to locate sales and service information within minutes, as well as improving upon both customer service and profitability through faster underwriting decisions. These processes are often the difference between closing a deal or losing the business to a competitor. Continue reading to learn more about National Interstate Insurance’s data-driven digital transformation journey!