A Hybrid Data Management Journey Helps Connect Great People to Great Companies

“Data is our new currency. Whether it’s a video interview, a resume, or an email from an employee, there’s value in these data sources.” Filious Louis, Manager, BI Analytics, Kelly Services

I couldn’t agree more. I believe that data is the trusted currency of business – and so do our customers. Leaders from every industry worldwide tell us their data strategies are now a boardroom-level conversation.

A move to the cloud is one of the linchpin strategies our customers leverage to optimize the value from their data. It may be part of a cloud first strategy where any new infrastructure investments will be deployed in the cloud. In many cases it may be a Hybrid strategy where there will be a planned co-existence of both on-prem and cloud investments for the foreseeable future.

In both cases, organizations look to be insulated from disruption created by the dynamic multi-cloud and hybrid vendor landscape. But very few organizations rely on a single cloud. In fact, over 80% of organizations have a multi-cloud strategy, with an average of 5 cloud services in the mix. 

Kelly Services, who founded the temporary staffing industry in 1946, is a great example of this. Today they are a global company with over $5bil in revenue and 8,100 employees. Kelly Services is dedicated to putting people to work around the world. The more employment opportunities the company creates, the more talent it can on-board, and the more jobs it can fill. On average a Kelly professional is hired by a Kelly customer every 2 minutes, so scale is critical. A comprehensive data and cloud strategy were core to the transformation Kelly required.

Kelly Services was focused on modernizing its data architecture to drive job placements. Kelly’s leadership team wanted to improve its ability to support increasing data volume and velocity, gain a complete view of job candidates and make the most out of opportunities to integrate and analyze data from its customer and partner systems.

Kelly Services understood how critical it was to navigate their own Cloud/Hybrid journey to achieve the scale and flexibility they required to modernize their talent platform infrastructure.

The company effectively leveraged on-premises systems for years but, because of the cyclical nature of the resourcing sector, they required a cloud-based approach to provide greater flexibility to react to market shifts. But instead of shutting down its traditional systems overnight, Kelly chose the more evolutionary hybrid path that we see from so many of our established enterprise customers. This hybrid approach offered Kelly the flexibility they required to scale up or down according to business demands.

Data Management

While Kelly Services uses a variety of SaaS cloud providers to support their business, they selected Microsoft Azure as its strategic hybrid cloud platform (or PaaS – platform as a service), and therefore needed an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution that could support integration across both its on-prem and multi-cloud environments, as well as it’s broader data management requirements. Starting with Cloud data warehousing, hybrid data integration and master data management, Kelly has a data strategy that will also include data lake management, data governance, data archiving and data security.

We’re proud that Kelly selected to partner with us and leverage our Intelligent Data Platform as the foundation of their hybrid data management strategy, and our longstanding strategic partnership with Microsoft made it a clear choice for them to ensure ease of integration and interoperability.

“Informatica and Microsoft each invest considerably in their platforms and technologies, and that benefits me as a customer. They integrate their products in a way that creates the flexibility and agility we need.” Ravi Ginjupalli, Senior Director, BI Analytics, Kelly Services

I’m pleased that Kelly Services has realized business benefits from their data and cloud transformation efforts. They have created timely and targeted placement opportunities through talent-related data and streamlined job placements through the mastering of unified organizational, customer, employee, and partner information. This approach has enabled them to expedite their talent selection process by offering the right opportunity to the right talent — with an architecture that supports the company’s future growth.

“I’m proud of what we’ve achieved, because at the end of the day, we’re serving our communities better and putting more people to work. People naturally want stability, whether that’s a full-time job, temporary position, or more flexible role. Thanks to Informatica and Microsoft, we’ve never been better positioned to help.” Ravi Ginjupalli, Senior Director, BI Analytics, Kelly Services

To learn more about Kelly Services journey, check out their video and success story.