Modernize Your B2B Integration With Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway

No Enterprise is an Island, Entire to Itself

To paraphrase John Donne, Every enterprise is a piece of the supply chain, a part of a community. It has been a well know convention, that companies with tighter supply chain collaboration perform better.

In a 2017 study, McKinsey was able to quantify the impact of modernizing your supply chain. They found that companies that aggressively digitize their supply chains can expect to boost annual growth of earnings before interest and taxes by 3.2 percent—the largest increase from digitizing any business area—and annual revenue growth by 2.3 percent.

Modernize Your B2B Integration With Informatica Cloud B2B GatewayIn the same study, McKinsey pinpoints the inflection point that the B2B Market is experiencing today, with the introduction of digital transformation into the supply chain:

A supply-chain digital transformation is about establishing a vision for how digital applications can improve service, cost, agility, and inventory levels and consistently implementing process and organizational changes that use these technologies to drive operational excellence

So, obviously, managing your supply chain partners “the old way”, using value-added networks (VANs) or on-premises, outdated 15-year old technology, is no longer an option. Modernizing your B2B integration and changing the way you interact with your partner community is a necessity to stay relevant in today’s market.

What to look for in a modernize B2B integration solution?

A leading B2B integration solution will include a large list of features, however there are some areas that can significantly impact your B2B business:

  • Embrace cloud also for B2B

In addition to the traditional benefits of cloud (Lower cost of ownership, recurring automated upgrades, flexibility and elasticity and more), embracing the cloud will make it possible to capitalize on the use of disruptive technologies that will take your B2B solution to the next generation B2B.

  • Connectivity and protocols

Are you still using an expensive VAN to ensure secure file transfer?

A leading B2B integration solution will include an integrated, secured file transfer mechanism that supports the commonly used communication protocols to securely exchange files with your partners (e.g., AS2, SFTP, FTPS. HTTPS) to allow you to move away from expensive VANs.

  • Flexibility

Are you exchanging X12 messages with your partner? EDIFACT messages? Excel files? CSV files?

A modern B2B Gateway solution will support exchanging any file type with your partners and will provide the tools to simplify and automate it.

It will enable integration into your organization’s applications by providing connectors and adaptors to the commonly used enterprise applications on-premise and across multi- cloud environments.

  • Self-service

Open your gateway to your partners. Collaborate with your partners through a portal where they can track and monitor the files exchange status as well as send/receive files.

  • Innovation

A leading B2B solution should demonstrate innovation and disruptive technologies. Incorporating and leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the B2B processes will drive automation, simplification and would expedite the on-boarding of new partners and reduce maintenance overhead. 

How can Informatica help?

Informatica’s Next Generation Cloud B2B Gateway enables Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (Informatica’s iPaaS solution) customers to extend their organization integration platform to integration with all of their external business partners.

  • With a fully cloud-deployed gateway and hybrid options, you can enjoy cloud benefits and still have your data securely processed on premises.
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence, powered by the Informatica CLAIRE™ engine, delivers increased productivity. CLAIRE also expedites partner onboarding with automated structure discovery and automated mapping for non-EDI files with Machine Learning-Powered Automation in the Cloud.
  • Vertical specific support for ease of use and business self-service simplifies Interactions with your business partners and grow relationships.
  • Packaged EDI mappings simplify handling of complex EDI structures.
  • Integrated secured file transfer supports connectivity with your partners.
  • Delivers a comprehensive end-to-end tracking and monitoring with business level visibility into the exchanged data with your partners and notifications, in case of issues that requires handling.

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