Why a Modern iPaaS Should Resemble a Great Sports Team

Why a Modern iPaaS Should Resemble a Great Sports TeamGreat software and great sports teams share many things in common, chief among them: they both seek to build a roadmap for sustained success. But, a majority of technology products and sports teams tend to hover on the borderline of average to mediocre. If we think of sports teams, very few of them achieve sustained success like that achieved by teams such as the Golden State Warriors, Manchester United, or many other great teams of the past. Love them or loathe them, they have figured out the magic formula—and multiple championships are a testament to that.

Great sports teams: A primer for sustained success

In the case of the Warriors, they built a dynasty by drafting well, building around their core strengths, consistently improving on both sides of the ball—defense and offense, and nurturing new talent. The proof? Three recent championships (and counting), multiple MVPs, a defensive player of the year award, best coach, best manager and best team awards, just to name a few…

When we consider a team like Manchester United that has been able to achieve tremendous success in English premier league soccer, we notice that they have had a great culture of leadership, constant design and evolution of innovative football schemes and the ability to spot and groom great talent. This has led to the fact that they have won more trophies than any other club in English football with a record 20 League titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups and a record 21 FA Community Shields.

Now that we’ve seen some of the best qualities of great sports teams, let’s look at where they overlap with great software products that have similar drivers, namely:

  • Being a recognized leader in their market, with significant continued investment in innovation
  • Having a clear product vision informed by market trends and direction
  • Prioritizing solutions to customer challenges, supporting a variety of use cases
  • Building and improving capabilities/features based on ever-changing market and customer demands

So, what does all this have to do with iPaaS?

Modern iPaaS: A vision for complete end-to-end hybrid data management

Just as successful sports teams look to build on continued success, Informatica continues to innovate and improve its iPaaS by working to ensure it supports any user, any type of data, and any pattern.

Enterprises have become more data-driven and reliant on the cloud, as Gartner predicted. To manage the exponential growth of data in this hybrid, multi-cloud world, enterprises need an iPaaS that can deliver more than just the traditional iPaaS capabilities (Data Integration, App Integration, API Management). As a market leader in the iPaaS category, Informatica’s vision of a next-gen iPaaS goes beyond just traditional integration. We believe a comprehensive next-gen iPaaS must support any user, any type of data, and any pattern. To that end, our product strategy includes additional critical capabilities, such as Partner Data Management (B2B), Cloud Integration Hub, Cloud Data Quality, Cloud Master Data Management, an Enterprise Data Catalog, and more.



We also continue to innovate around our existing products, such as Cloud Data Integration (CDI). For example, in our spring release slated for March 26, 2019, customers will be able to easily connect to their enterprise data catalog from within CDI. You will be able to easily search,discover, and understand enterprise data before you build your cloud data warehouse or create any other data integration.

Next steps

Want to learn more about our vision and expanded capabilities for hybrid data management ? Attend our spring launch to see what’s new, such as:

  • Data cataloging in the cloud – AI-driven data catalog integrated data integration capabilities enables you to discover and inventory data assets across your multi-cloud environment
  • Reference 360 – Centrally define, organize, manage, govern, and share reference data through a business-friendly, self-service user interface
  • Data Quality – Build and apply data quality rules for cloud data integration, profiling, master data management, and data quality services to deliver trusted data across multi-cloud environments
  •  Expanded capabilities to Cloud Application Integration, Cloud Data Integration, Cloud Integration Hub, connectivity and multi-cloud capabilities

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