Time for Spring Cleaning? Double-Down on AI-Powered Data Strategy Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Multi-Cloud Spring is just around the corner. Spring is the period between spring equinox and summer solstice. The equinox is the time Sun’s center crosses Earth’s equator – which means you would see sun rising exactly from the east and setting exactly in the west. And this celestial alignment results in equal length of day and night (almost!). And it is the time of super moon and glowing clouds. In northern hemisphere, this day falls in March and in southern hemisphere it falls in September. It’s a tradition in many cultures that marks a time of new beginnings and time of transition. For many families including mine, it’s time to clear clutter from my garage, repurpose things, refresh the interiors and exteriors with plants. And a great time to apply some of those techniques to address your organization’s data strategy. Studies show by 2021, 94 percent of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers; 6 percent will be processed by traditional data centers. Your organization may be one of them – adopting Cloud applications, cloud infrastructure and platforms to scale quickly and efficiently to support more workloads than traditional solutions and meet business demands. With more and more services and applications going to the cloud, there is more data generated across multi-cloud environments than on-prem. How do you manage and leverage that data without painful software maintenance and upgrades, so you can address business problems quickly and make data a competitive advantage? What you need is a comprehensive iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution.

Whether your organization has prioritized a cloud-first strategy, or a hybrid approach balancing both multi-cloud and on-prem investments, Informatica’s next-gen iPaaS solution will help you address your challenges. Join the Spring launch event to learn more about how Informatica’s iPaaS solution will help you not only accelerate your cloud journey, but also help address multiple data management problems including data discovery, data integration, application integration, data quality, reference data management and much more.

Listen to this launch to learn about the new data cataloging in the cloud that will help you discover data before you build your cloud data warehouse or any integration; manage and govern trusted reference data; and expanded capabilities for data and application integration.

  • Data cataloging in the cloud: AI-driven data catalog integrated data integration capabilities enables you to discover and inventory data assets across your multi-cloud environment
  • Reference 360: Centrally define, organize, manage, govern and share reference data through a business friendly, self-service user interface.
  • Data Quality for early adopters: Build and apply data quality rules for cloud data integration, profiling, master data management, and data quality services to deliver trusted data across multi-cloud
  • Expanded capabilities to Cloud Application Integration, Cloud Data Integration, Cloud Integration Hub, connectivity and multi-cloud capabilities

Register for Spring launch here. Good luck with your spring cleaning strategy! And don’t miss the full, super moon on March 20th.