Ergotron’s Data Strategy Focuses on Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Ergotron is a leader in the digital mounting technology industry, with a clear mission: “To use ergonomic and human-centered design principles to build kinetic work environments that help our customers thrive.” Ergotron’s focus on its customer’s health, comfort and ultimate success has extended beyond its products and led to its journey to improve their customer’s experience when engaging with their customer service and sales teams.

With over 200 patents ranging from display mounts and charging systems to stand-up desks, Ergotron’s unique portfolio requires that employees have access to information quickly and easily. It’s imperative that Ergotron’s sales agents and customer service representatives can locate customer purchase history, product details and status of suppliers on a moment’s notice.

Ergotron understood an effective data integration and management foundation was critical to delivering their goals to improve customer service by providing agents with faster access to reliable data. And like many organizations, Ergotron had to manage this data across hybrid environment, with a high priority to integrate data across their Salesforce Service Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP system.

To learn how Egotron was able to help drive sales of their products and retain customers, while improving customer resolution times helping to improve customer satisfaction, continue reading “Taking a Stand: Ergotron Helps Customers Rethink Workspaces by Transforming Customer Services.”