Driving Analytics Modernization with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 GA

Azure Data LakeThere’s a lot of industry talk and customer movement towards analytics modernization. After all, analytics is the proverbial rubber hitting the road when it comes to data answering business questions and guiding business decisions. The analytic visuals are critical to understanding, the sliders key to finding outliers, and mobility essential to answering business questions when and where it matters.

But underlying the analytics is the data layer and unlike yesteryear when it was almost always an on-premises data warehouse, today customers are choosing a cloud data warehouse AND/OR a cloud data lake to drive their analytics modernization strategy. There is huge pressure to deliver extreme scalability, extreme performance, extreme resiliency, and extreme security for both data platforms in the cloud. Oh…and it needs to be cost effective and easy to maintain.

To address these challenges, Microsoft has announced its next generation Data Lake platform known as Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2). ADLS Gen2 is designed from the ground up to provide customers with a “no-compromises” data lake experience. You can learn all about the technical details of ADLS Gen2 by checking out this blog, but suffice it to say that ADLS Gen2 is designed to handle the 3 V’s of data: variety, velocity, and volume.

“Informatica has worked with the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 team from its inception to ensure integration with their Intelligent Data Platform”, said Tad Brockway, GM for Azure Storage. “Informatica’s early engagement with ADLS Gen2 means that our joint customers will be able to quickly deploy powerful end to end analytic solutions that work well with all Microsoft Azure Analytics services.” 

Informatica customers will be able to leverage the vast connectivity and enterprise-tested platform to deliver the 3 V’s of data to ADLS Gen2 so that our customers can take advantage of the many benefits of ADLS Gen2, including built-in redundancy with automatic replication, fine grained geographic storage with over 50 availability zones, and a much lower cost of ownership than the previous version of ADLS. “The Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 team have been fantastic partners ensuring tight integration to provide a best-in-class customer experience as our joint customers adopt ADLS Gen2.” – Ronen Schwartz, Sr. Vice president & General Manager, Data Integration and Cloud Integration at Informatica

And let’s not forget about those analytics use cases. The combination of Informatica and ADLS Gen2 will drive powerful analytic use cases leveraging Azure Databricks*, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Power BI, all of which are supported with Informatica (* coming this fall). Further, Informatica’s support for ADLS Gen2 will leverage the enhanced security model of ADLS Gen2, ensuring that your analytics, and other ADLS Gen2 workloads, are compliant with your enterprise’s governance policy.

So, no matter where your data originates, or how it is processed, or where it is consumed, Informatica provides that single Intelligent Data Platform to discover, integrate, transform, and manage your data throughout the Azure driven analytics use case.

Stay tuned…..Informatica’s support for ADLS Gen2 will be available soon!