Coop Alleanza’s Holiday Shopping List for a Great Customer Experience

Customer ExperienceAn organization’s data management journey is much like holiday shopping: sometimes the effort can feel long and complicated, but it ultimately leads to great outcomes. Just like embarking on a holiday shopping trip to your local mall or searching a variety of ecommerce sites, a “shopping trip” to solve your business’ data management challenges, begins with a few essential items: a plan that identifies all the destinations you’re targeting, and a detailed list of everything that needs to be accomplished – so you’re confident you haven’t missed anyone or anything important when you’re done and can enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Coop Alleanza, a food retail cooperative, began their data management shopping trip after five retail groups merged to create Europe’s largest consumer cooperative. With a large presence in the Italian consumer market, they know it’s critical to deliver a consistent user experience across diversified sales channels in the retail market. In addition to consistency in user experience, they also value making each customer interaction personalized. After their merger of the five groups was complete, they had the opportunity to capitalize on this – they just needed a data strategy to fuel these great customer experiences. With a few targeted gifts (aka business objectives) in mind, Coop Alleanza embarked on their shopping trip, knowing once they finished it would lead to great customer experiences and enable them to intelligently disrupt their market.

Whether you’re in Europe, like Coop Alleanza, or based anywhere else in the world but doing business in Europe, you’re likely familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But learning to navigate compliance with this new regulation can be a different story. On the heels of a merger and GDPR rules going into effect, Coop Alleanza added another item to their shopping list – a data solution that would help them through their transformation. Their focus on the customer’s experience only further affirmed their priority to ensure customer data was kept clean and private.

As the merger began to unfold, last but not least on their shopping list was the roll-out of their new website, The new e-commerce site will become the cornerstone of their goal in providing a personalized customer experience. Working on a very tight deadline of the site’s anticipated launch, they knew finding a trusted data management partner was imperative to their success. They needed a comprehensive solution including data integration, data quality, master data management, and product information management to integrate, cleanse, master and manage their critical customer, product and sales data. Continue reading to hear exactly how their holiday shopping trip continued to unfold, and how the story of their success can inspire your own journey!