Carbonite Sees Customers in 360 View

customer experienceDo you love having a great customer experience? I do. Unfortunately, having a great customer experience seems to be the exception today rather than the rule. Many companies have realized that improvements to customer experience can pay huge dividends in customer satisfaction resulting in higher profitability. They just have had a hard time doing anything about it.

Salesforce has always been a proponent for the customer. At Dreamforce, they announced the launch of Customer 360, available some time in later 2019. Essentially, Customer 360 would allow Salesforce users to better capture a unified 360-view of their customers by tying together data from B2C service, marketing and commerce. The 360-degree view of the customer has been the holy grail of customer service for years. In the past, swivel-chair dynamics allowed service agents to jump from screen to screen to capture this data.

One Salesforce customer already enjoys a 360-view of their customers today. Carbonite, a leading provider of cloud and hybrid data protection solutions, supports more than 1.5 million individuals and small businesses worldwide, ensuring their important data is protected, available and useful. Carbonite relies on Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to enable its business and IT users to connect data from any source to achieve in-depth customer insights.

Prior to using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, customer service agents would have to search for customer case data in their CRM, then copy and paste that data into Service Cloud in order to complete their case management reporting. Needless to say, this was a very time-consuming process that was prone to human error. Carbonite was also seeing the amount of their Salesforce data grow by 3X while also trying to integrate data from many legacy platforms which caused many delays in the data being available.

Informatica Cloud Application Integration now automates the movement of subscriber information in real-time from Carbonite’s CRM system to the support case created in Service Cloud. The result is that Carbonite’s 220 service agents could now provide an enhanced customer support experience with much improved business reporting.

If you are looking to maximize your Salesforce investment now, learn more how Carbonite improved customer service in this webinar.