5-on-5: Foundational Big Data Management for Compelling Customer Experience

Customer ExperienceBasketball season is well underway, with every team putting its best five starters to take on the opponent’s starting five. Some teams started with a splash and have their winning combo of five, some are adjusting and finding their ways to win. It’s a very long season, but their foundational 5-on-5 can carry them through even to the post season.

In this post, I’d like to discuss the foundational 5-on-5 big data management capabilities for delivering a compelling customer experience.

5 customer experience use cases:

Let’s start with the customer experience use cases for big data & analytics:

  1. Deliver better targeted and personalized experiences
  2. Improve responsiveness to real-time customer feedback
  3. Understand customer sentiments in real-time
  4. Reduce customer or subscriber churn
  5. Save customers’ time, e.g. reduce wait time in the queue

5 big data management foundations

No matter which specific use case you’re working on to deliver compelling customer experience, you need to find, understand, and protect your customer data and more often this data is big data. Here are the 5 foundational data management capabilities you’ll need:

  1. Acquire. Data is coming into your business from various places and at varying speeds, so your data management infrastructure should be able to support multi-latency ingestion. You need to be able to integrate all types data, any volume —at scale.
  2. Cleanse. Cleanse, standardize, and enrich all data using an extensive set of prebuilt data quality rules including address verification. Govern all your data leveraging Hadoop, NoSQL, or any cloud or on-premises big data environment to ensure it is trusted and relevant.
  3. Enrich. For extra efficiency, data preparation can be done by data scientists and business users with self-service data prep tools. This accelerates the time it takes to ensure data is fit for analytics and collaboration, the key pillars of customer experience.
  4. Relate. Ensure the success of big data analytics projects by uncovering accurate relationships among connected data. Discover and visualize hidden relationships to maximize the value of big data.
  5. Secure. Dynamically mask customer data, without loss of business context. Help support PCI, PII, PHI, and GDPR compliance.

Big data 5-on-5 customer experience

Invariably these five big data management foundations are critical and must be mapped to every single customer experience scenario listed above, and beyond. Here’s an example representing the use case “save customers’ time.”

Making customer experience more “magical” with big data management

Disney uses technology to enhance the core value proposition of their organization, which is to enhance customer experience. They are using data and analytics to make a “customer’s experience more magical.” They are doing this by using magic bands to allow guests to reserve what they want. Bands can be used for access to the park, to personalize their experience, to open your room door, to buy dinner, and to even buy and store merchandise. And Disney sees this digital guest experience as taking the anxiety out of a vacation.

A suite of Informatica Big Data products helps you lay the data management foundation for a 5-star customer experience, much like this product suite helps hundreds of global customers across various industries. To learn more about how our Big Data products help you deliver outstanding customer experience and to listen to a customer ‘s perspective, register for one of our Virtual Launch events:

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