Cloud Smart— An Initiative of Cloud Computing Adoption in Federal Agencies

Cloud ComputingThis fall, the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer established a new initiative called Cloud Smart to energize the adoption of cloud computing within the federal government. As an extension to the original Cloud First initiative of 2010, Cloud Smart is focusing more on mission results that modernize the IT of our government (vs. technical guidance), echoing the digital transformation and modernization initiatives encountered in enterprises in every private sector industry.

“To keep up with the country’s current pace of innovation, President Trump has placed a significant emphasis on modernizing the Federal government. By updating an outdated policy, Cloud Smart embraces best practices from both the federal government and the private sector, ensuring agencies have capability to leverage leading solutions to better serve agency mission, drive improved citizen services and increase cyber security.” — Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer

As governments work to modernize their data warehouses and analytics, as well as digitally transform internal business processes, including those with citizens, government agencies have the same data management challenges as any Fortune 500 enterprise. Data is at the center of digital transformation.

With $20 billion of federal spend planned for the next five years[1] for cloud projects and initiatives, the opportunity for cloud vendors is substantial. Yet, with the Cloud Smart focus on mission outcomes, cloud vendors will need to present solutions focused on driving business value and not simply offering cloud technology.

The need for solutions will drive strategic partnerships between government cloud providers and their ecosystem partners that will each bring their best-of-breed offering(s) delivered as a cohesive solution, with an emphasis on time-to-value. For example, an analytics modernization initiative is far more than simply migrating an on-premises database and analytics platform to hosted databases and virtual machines in the cloud. It is about considering targeted personas and end-to-end use cases, such as self-service analytics for a business analyst (and even then, self-service analytics is more than just the visualizations; it’s also about the discovery and joining of data to get better insights).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the first of the public cloud providers to offer a government cloud offering in 2011, and it continues to expand its footprint with the recently launched GovCloud (US-East), adding three additional availability zones to complement the original US-West GovCloud offering. Informatica, as a long-time strategic AWS partner, has certified and made available our Intelligent Data Platform™ on the AWS GovCloud Marketplace.

Informatica’s certification and Intelligent Data Platform offering on AWS GovCloud enables government agencies to focus on creating solutions and implementing initiatives, such as data warehouse modernization, analytics modernization, data governance, and more, instead of writing  custom code to create their solution in the AWS GovCloud.

For example, when the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake® and Big Data Management® solutions are used with AWS Redshift and S3, the partners’ joint solution dramatically accelerates initiatives that leverage big data: big data analytics, machine learning development, and other data-driven services. Incorporating Informatica products adds The CLAIRE™ engine with machine learning (ML) assisted visual and collaborative big data prep, cleansing, and transformation/processing capabilities. This enables teams to focus on developing a comprehensive solution, rather than writing data prep, cleansing, or transformation code in Scala or Python. The result? Greater reusability, easier maintainability, and production-ready solutions, providing faster time-to-value. The best part? This directly supports the mission of the Smart Cloud initiative to focus more on results and less on creating custom solutions or individual pieces of technology.

This is just a single, yet powerful example of how Informatica works with ecosystem partners, such as AWS, to deliver use case driven solutions that truly result in faster time-to-value, well-suited to support the mission of the Federal Government’s Smart Cloud initiative.

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