TC18: Schwab and Pfizer’s Inspiring Data Stories

The TC18 afterglow is still fresh. My personal favorite? The great stories. This year, I was touched and inspired by two amazing data stories shared by executives from Charles Schwab and Pfizer on the TC18 keynote stage. I was so excited and grateful to hear these stories of data-driven digital transformation that I thought I’d share them with you.

Charles Schwab’s Senior Vice President and Head of the Global Data Office Rene Kim discussed how data is powering the best customer experience for Charles Schwab customers, across 345 branches across the country, 13 call centers, website, mobile app, and more! This is a critical business goal for the company whose founding mantra is “always put the client first, no matter what.” And a data-driven culture at Schwab has really enabled this fundamental goal.

Ms. Kim discussed a strategic data initiative at Charles Schwab, called “My Sales,” which delivers branch analytics reporting across Schwab’s 345 branches. My Sales supports all employees in the branches from the frontline financial consultants to the most senior executive, including Schwab’s Head of Retail. Keeping in mind that the retail branches represent roughly half of Schwab’s business, it’s easy to see that this initiative is instrumental for the organization, not only to better manage the business, but most importantly, to best serve their clients.

Schwab has done that by providing a single consolidated report via My Sales for all stakeholders in the branches. My Sales puts the right data, at the right time, at the right level of granularity in the hands of the people that need it. My Portal is widely adopted across the Schwab branches to best support Schwab clients and employees and better achieve the company goals.

Ms. Kim shared that My Sales is so powerful because it relies on a single data source with consistent trusted data that enables a single Tableau solution. I encourage you to check out the keynote video with Ms. Kim from Charles Schwab to get the full details on this inspiring story!

Pfizer’s Vice President of Data and Analytics Innovation Debbie Reynolds talked about how data is driving better patient outcomes. She discussed how Pfizer is harnessing the power of data and putting data at the heart of every health care decision, so they can fulfill their company’s underlying mission. They want to be the number one biopharmaceuticals company in the world, so they can produce the best medicines and make patients healthy.

Ms. Reynolds’ team is at the heart of making data work at Pfizer. They are responsible for acquisition and stewardship of data. They also need to identify, develop, and deploy tools and capabilities that improve analytics at Pfizer. They have found that bringing the data and the decision-makers together speeds up key processes, such as clinical trials, and delivers better patient outcomes­—faster.

For example, they use data to improve quality and speed of diagnosis. By analyzing rich historical data, the Pfizer analytics team was able to develop predictive models that aid in diagnosing potentially fatal heart disease, which is difficult and time-consuming to diagnose today. The Pfizer teams are actively working on putting these predictive models as tools in the hands of physicians to help improve their diagnoses. This data and analysis is so powerful that it will potentially be applicable to other disease states and treating more patients. This is how Pfizer is harnessing data to make an impact by improving patients’ health and delivering better patient outcomes. Take a look at the keynote video with Ms. Reynolds from Pfizer to hear all the details.

We, at Informatica, are big believers in unleashing data as the driving force that powers digital transformation. One key aspect of our joint work with Tableau is enabling analysts everywhere to discover and understand trusted and relevant data for analytics.


Long line to play our ‘Data Treasure Hunt’ game at Informatica TC18 booth

This is clearly top of mind for Tableau analysts, based on many conversations we had during the conference. For the first time ever, our TC18 booth visitors got to experience the power of the Informatica data catalog firsthand, with an interactive Data Treasure Hunt game. You could feel the excitement and buzz at our packed booth, as well as during our standing-room only session and waitlisted hands-on workshop, both focused on data cataloging.

I’m thankful for our friends at Tableau and for our work together to help organizations deliver timely, actionable, trusted data-driven insights. Informatica is continuing to invest in our joint solution with Tableau and we’re looking forward to further supporting our joint customers. If you’d like to learn more about how Informatica and Tableau work better together, I recommend starting with this great joint eBook: Developing a Governed Self-Service Analytics Strategy and recent joint webinar Meet the Experts: Hyper Speed Analytics with Tableau and Informatica.