Informatica MDM 10.3 – Experience the data

The latest release of Informatica MDM 10.3 has opened a great opportunity for business users to experience the data with best possible interactions. User Experience (UX) is at its best in this version, with modern UI, enhanced security, improved search capabilities and much more.

Informatica MDM

You can start off with the excellent demo provided by the product team in the recently concluded webinar. The webinar was hosted by Oliver Soans. Webinar also answered some of the key questions from the participants mainly on the task management aspects.

Oliver Soans show-cased the Entity 360 application including elastic search. Elastic search is a key make-over for smart search functionality in the product. You now have an option to host the elastic search server outside of MDM, thereby, you can scale the search engine to provide the throughput and performance you would need according to the business needs. Elastic search also opens-up the support for full HA (High Availability) along with improved & scalable performance. But come what may, if you are a fan of SOLR, the choice is still open wherein the existing SOLR search engine can remain as is.

You can now attach the documents as part of the workflow and as part of the task comments. This would provide better options for the data stewards to manage the data state with right documents, especially in the era of consumer awareness.

Another major attraction on the webinar is the cool functionality of the match and merge screen. Voila, you can now view the matching records in a side-by-side view including child entities, with option to override the data on-the-fly. And not just that, you can also pre-configure the match view such that the business can decide the specific layout of the match and merge view. Not just match and merge view, the provisioning tool provides much more options to configure the entire UI with just drag and drop. This is one of the best tool you would find in the market that provides such UX friendly capabilities.

Informatica MDM

The last feature that was showcased, was the most important functionality that would get welcomed by your security audit team. It was the enhanced security where-in Entity 360 is provisioned with row-level security. That is, you can control who sees your data and what they see, at the record level. Security Access Manager (SAM) from core MDM platform is also tightly integrated to the business entity layer so that you can directly manage the security at the business entity level. These features would provide the state of the art options to keep your MDM data secure, especially with GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act and other regulations that are constantly requiring such security options.

Informatica MDM

Again, experience data with the great product of Informatica MDM, on its best release 10.3. First step to experience is to start with this webinar recording.