It’s Time to Transform the Product Experience for Your Customers

The role of product information has become more important than ever.

Product Experience The new product experience is customer-centric, personalized, omnichannel, search-guided, and social-powered. To keep up with this rapid evolution in the buying experience, make sure you’re fully leveraging product information to create a new experience that attracts and converts shoppers. And achieving this ambitious goal is easier than you might think.

An omnichannel sales strategy is no longer optional. On average, a consumer will look at more than 10 information sources before making a purchase.[1]

But while 88% of consumers say they’re more likely to shop with retailers that deliver personalized and connected cross-channel experiences, they often find that information in stores, ecommerce sites, mobile apps, and print catalogs often falls short.

A big reason for this is that 80% of merchants and suppliers don’t integrate product data across their website, applications, and physical stores.[2]

The information in stores, ecommerce sites, mobile apps, and print catalogs often don’t match. Indeed, 51% of merchants and suppliers don’t even support mobile commerce.[2]

And the consequences of this gap between the reality and customer expectations for sales strategies are substantial: 45% of merchants and suppliers have lost more than $1 million in revenue due to cross-channel commerce challenges.[2]

To transform the product experience for customers, companies need the following:

  1. An Omnichannel Strategy

Multiple channels reinforce each other; a customer who doesn’t buy in one channel may well be won over in another channel based on their current interests, needs and location.

  1. Deliver the Right Product Information for Each Channel

One of the biggest challenges for most retailers is consistency. You may choose to share different information in each channel – but you need to provide trusted, relevant and rich data across all digital touchpoints and channels.

  1. Deliver Personalized Customer Experience

Personalize your data to deliver a meaningful and engaging product experience. With a 360 view of your customers and their purchase patterns, you’ll see for example what they like or what they’ve bought… This enables easy cross- and upselling. You’ll gain insights for the next best actions to take with a customer, you can deliver high-quality service, make personalized offers, and enhance customer experience and loyalty.

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