Achieve Analytics Nirvana at TC18!

AnalyticsHave you ever done yoga or meditation? You probably have, right? I mean who amongst us, frenzied professionals, have not at least dabbled in an attempt to calm our mind and body amidst the ever-increasing demands of society? Remember that elated sense of nirvana after you got out of yoga and meditation class?

Wouldn’t it be simply fabulous if you could feel that way about data? If you could feel so elated when you easily and simply just reach for that data you need for your analysis. And you would know that warm fuzzy feeling of definitive recognition that this is the right data, the data you trust, complete your analysis and go to your next yoga class???

OK wake up, this was just a dream! Welcome back to reality! In reality, you are sitting at your desk. It is 2 am. You are looking at your Tableau Viz and Viz is looking back at you. Something is bothering you. You are just not sure about that last data-set you added to your analysis. This data-set that resulted from several high-speed corridor chases around the IT department. They finally gave you the data you’ve been requesting for two weeks. But something just doesn’t feel right in the results. You are unsure where the data came from and who created it and you don’t know enough about the business definition of several columns. You also see a number of null fields where they don’t belong. Frankly, you have a trust issue with your data. What now?

Let us help you rebuild that trust relationship with your data. You can love your data again and you can finally understand your data. You can not only trust it but also expect your data to arrive on time and meet your needs.

Join Informatica at TC18 and see how you too can achieve analytics nirvana.

See you in the Big Easy!