NextGen Operational Insights for Informatica Big Data Management

Informatica is happy to announce the next generation of operational monitoring and analytics for Big Data Management (BDM) on Operational Insights. Operational Insights is a hybrid cloud service to help efficiently operationalize Informatica BDM and/or PowerCenter environments.Operational Insights

Operational Insights helps successful implementation of BDM by providing

  1. An integrated dashboard to view the health of all Informatica assets on a single pane of glass (view across PROD, QA and DEV environments)
  2. Operational Analytics to assess the existing project and resource utilization including big data cluster resource utilization
  3. Parameters for chargeback model in case BDM is run as a shared service across different line of businesses
  4. CLAIRE powered ML based data volume growth projections for better capacity planning
  5. Job run history and summary statistics for easy troubleshooting
  6. Flat list of all Jobs run across all deployed applications and data integration services for easy discovery and correlations
  7. Big data cluster cpu/memory utilization of each Informatica BDM job
  8. Metrics for license compliance tracking
  9. Alerts on infrastructure health and resource utilization

All these capabilities are available in the free edition of Operational Insights. Try Operational Insights on BDM 10.2.1+ domains and gain useful operational intelligence.

Operational InsightsSign up now for free one-year subscription of Operational Insights.

Sounds interesting? Want to learn more? Please join us for a webinar on this topic on October 23rd 2018. It will be a combination of interactive presentation and live demo.

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For more information on Operational Insights, visit the product page and/or refer to the product documentation.