Data to Insights at Hyper Speed!

Hyper SpeedThe huge explosion in data volumes means the need to quickly derive actionable insights from all that data is a key strategic differentiator. But then, what is the recipe for organizations to rapidly go from all that raw data into actionable insights? This requires organizations to implement a robust analytics pipeline that is not only fast, but also fed by relevant, trusted and clean data. Organizations can combine Tableau and Informatica technologies to implement such an analytics pipeline: discovering relevant and trusted data, cleaning, enriching, securing (data masking) and then moving the data into Tableau for generating insights. Tableau, the leader in visual self-service analytics, recently released Hyper, a high-performance engine that aims to arm organizations with just the right tool to enable rapid Insights at Hyper speed. Informatica, the leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, has partnered with Tableau to provide native support for Hyper in its data management platform, thus allowing customers to achieve accelerated data to insights via an end to end analytics pipeline that is both fast and flexible.

Hyper is a high-performance in-memory data engine technology that helps customers analyze large or complex data sets faster, by efficiently evaluating analytical queries directly in the transactional database. A core Tableau platform technology, Hyper uses proprietary dynamic code generation and cutting-edge parallel computing to achieve fast performance for extract creation and query execution. Hyper can slice and dice massive volumes of data in seconds, and customers may see an improvement of up to 5X faster query speed. The performance benefits of Hyper means customers not only realize their self-serve analytics use cases at a faster speed, but also are also able to ask ad-hoc questions of the data and get answers in near real time.

Tableau Hyper Engine

Hyper Speed


Organizationally, Hyper helps you scale widely-used extracts for broad, concurrent use. Hyper improves transaction throughput by better leveraging investments in hardware and during peak usage times, such as end of quarter sales bookings, Tableau better handles Tableau Server workload spikes.

Informatica’s tools and technologies, together with Tableau’s analytics tools powered by Hyper, enable organizations to dramatically accelerate analytics initiatives via a robust analytics pipeline. Broadly, organizations should follow the following process to get maximum value out of their analytics initiatives:

  • Data discovery: Insights are only as good as the set of data driving those insights. An analyst needs to have access to the right tools (e.g. Data Catalog) that allows him to discover trusted and relevant data assets across an enterprise.
  • ETL: once the data assets have been discovered, the analyst would then connect to the raw data in those data assets, extract combine, transform and load the data into the reporting/visualization tool.
  • Data enrichment: garbage in/garbage out— if the source data is not clean or complete (e.g. address data is missing zip code, state codes are non-standard), the insights generated from that data cannot be accurate. Using a data quality tool, the analyst should identify bad data and enrich/clean it before using it to generate insights.
  • Data security: an analyst should also mask sensitive fields (e.g. SSN) for security/compliance reasons before exporting into the analytics tool.
  • Reporting/visualization: the analyst would then load the clean and enriched data into the reporting/visualization tool, and then build dashboards/reports to generate insights.
  • View metadata context alongside the data: organizations should invest in tools that allows analytics to view rich metadata context right beside the data view.
Side by side data and metadata view via Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog Plugin

Between Tableau and Informatica, an organization has access to the tools and technologies to deliver on such a complete, end to end analytics pipeline at Hyper speed.

Please register for our upcoming webinar on October 4th conducted jointly between Informatica and Tableau to hear and see new capabilities which will help to accelerate your data journey at hyper speed!