Unified Intelligent Data Protection

Unified Intelligent Data ProtectionThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took center stage in 2018 and made data governance and data privacy and protection a common topic of discussion around the dinner table, on the nightly news, and on the front page of the paper, even for those outside of the IT “club.” Such focus on GDPR increased the awareness of the initiatives that government and private enterprise are implementing to protect individual users’ privacy. It elevated the CISO and CPO to a rock star status (is that overreaching? Maybe not for those “in the biz”!).

But here’s the thing; GDPR received all the attention, but the number of disintegrated international, national, and state/regional regulations continue to grow and while they often have the same goal of protecting individual users and consumers, the regulations are not unified, each having their own unique set of requirements.

Enter data. Even if a CISO and/or CPO had a super-human team able to create processes to consistently implement controls for all applicable regulations, the question remains, how they can efficiently apply those processes to structured and unstructured data stored in their legacy on-premises applications and across multiple public cloud environments and SaaS applications around the globe?

Secure@Source from Informatica is designed to enable enterprise security organizations and their staff to discover and map personal and sensitive data, define and apply security policies, monitor risk across the enterprise, and enforce data privacy and protection best practices. In other words, it’s designed to address exactly the problem above.

Microsoft has a complementary approach with its Information Protection solutions. Have you ever noticed the “Highly Confidential” or “Public” label at the top of an Office Word or Excel document? That’s a Microsoft Information Protection solution at work.

Informatica, in partnership with Capgemini and Microsoft, has introduced Unified Intelligent Data Protection. Not only can Microsoft Information Protection solutions and Secure@Source be integrated to standardize data privacy and protection policy semantics and definitions, Informatica is able to consume the security audit logs from Microsoft Information Protection capabilities so that with a single-pane-of-glass, Secure@Source can monitor and assess risk for all data within the enterprise, ranging from Excel documents in SharePoint, to Word documents in OneDrive, to historical data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse, to a custom OLTP database on-premises, and more.

But this is just the beginning, with Informatica Secure@Source and the rest of its data management portfolio, an enterprise’s security organization can take action to better secure data via data obfuscation, anonymization, pseudonymization, role-based access, or other appropriate means of security.

This collaboration between Informatica, Capgemini, and Microsoft can help the CISO, CPO and each of their offices to consistently apply regulatory and security best practices to address the growing number of data privacy and protection regulations with the automation required to completely cover the entire enterprise, no matter where or how data originates.

So, let’s make the CISO and CPO true rock stars by enabling them to apply effective data privacy and protection solutions automatically throughout the enterprise and let’s keep their profile low by preventing news stories of data breaches.

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