New Support for AWS and Azure Government Clouds

Government institutions have the same pressure as the private enterprise to deliver modern solutions with maximized performance, accessibility, reliability, security, etc. with lower costs of ownership and high SLAs…. but with one very notable addition — data sovereignty.

Government CloudsNo matter how secure cloud vendors make their platforms, governments worldwide do not want their data to commingle with any other institution, and since compute now follows the data, this is driving the need for a separate cloud, just for the government. In many cases to satisfy political pressure, governments are turning to virtualization to modernize their application hosting, but often this doesn’t allow them to reap the true benefits that cloud computing has to offer and will certainly not help them achieve the goals described above.

But the stars are beginning to align to enable the digital modernization of our (and other) governments. First, the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2017 calls for the modernization of government information technology and provides funding to help drive the adoption of cloud computing. Similar legislation and/or organizations around the world have been established to help drive similar adoption elsewhere.

To support the political movement to adopt the cloud, the major cloud providers, such as Amazon and Microsoft, have established physically separate government clouds to support the data sovereignty requirements of the government, AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud respectively. And the adoption is picking up steam.

Public IT spend on cloud computing is now on par with the private enterprise, hovering just above 20% according to a Gartner study and the spend on public cloud computing in 2017 was approximately $7.7B and is expected to grow to nearly $18B by 2023 according to an P&S Intelligence report.

As governments work to modernize their data warehouses, modernize their analytics, and digitally transform internal business processes, government agencies are encountering the same data management challenges as any Fortune 500 enterprise.

Informatica is committed to our government customers and is pleased to announce support for both AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud. We’re beginning with support for PowerCenter on both government clouds and will continue to expand support across the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform powered by the CLAIRETM engine.

This new support makes data-driven digital transformation, and specifically data warehouse and analytics modernization, more accessible for government customers. And it better positions them to reap all the economic, productivity and agility benefits of the cloud while delivering outstanding solutions to their internal customers and external customers — their citizens.