Dreamforce To-Do List: Find Coffee, Transform Customer Experience

DreamforceThe customer is and has always been the king. Many companies have realized this and have been increasingly focused on improving customer experience. So where to start? Today’s customers have many different pathways by which to interact with a company, including through their sales contacts, customer service, partners, or even through Internet self-service. Having multiple touchpoints means that companies have many chances to get it right… or wrong.

To deliver a great customer experience, you have to meet and exceed customer expectations. Customers expect companies to “know” them wherever and whenever they interact with them. They’ve already provided a lot of information, so they shouldn’t have to repeat it every time they interact with a company.

When I call American Airlines, they always answer the phone with my name. I love that. Whatever department I call already recognizes my phone number and can pull up my itineraries so that I don’t have to spend time going over it. Having a single customer view allows them to offer a great customer experience.

The challenge for many companies stems from having multiple systems and applications. Customer data such as name and address can be input into each of those systems. However, what if one system spells a customer’s name wrong or uses a different abbreviation? This may result in duplicate entries of their data. Multiply that by all the various instances, and data integrity is gone. Another factor affecting this is the move to the cloud. You may not only have data in on-premises servers but you may have duplicative or contradictory data in multiple clouds as well. How well are you able to integrate and manage these hybrid environments?

Want to learn about a solution that can help you leverage that data with Salesforce to manage hierarchies, eliminate duplicates, verify contact information, and ensure that the data is of high quality? Informatica’s solutions have helped more than 9,000 customers over 25 years to provide the best possible experiences for their customers. Come see us at Dreamforce. We’ll be setting up camp at Bluestem Brasserie, near the Moscone Center but far enough away for you to be able to unwind. Stop by our CX Data Dreams Lounge and grab a bite or something to drink, catch up on email, and if you like, chat with us about how to overcome the data challenges that keep you from truly knowing—and serving—your customer.