A New Dimension for Data Security Intelligence: Identity

Data SecurityMost organizations should leverage intelligent data security as a foundation for a systemic data privacy and protection program. Many market forces drive this need, including the chronic barrage of data losses, the enactment of powerful privacy regulations, consumers demanding the protection and control of their data, and the broad use of personal data to drive analytics.

Today’s AI-driven data security solutions, offer the capabilities to access personal and sensitive data across the enterprise. They arm management and practitioners with deep understanding of the sensitive data landscape throughout an organization, enabling strategic decisions on where to focus investments and resources to secure data; while also providing actionable details for practitioners to remediate, manage and monitor data risk.

Organizations need these capabilities so they can continuously analyze and communicate:

  • where sensitive resides,
  • how it is used,
  • where sensitive data proliferates,
  • whether access volume or patterns indicate suspicious use, and finally,
  • what is the data risk.

In addition, organizations need to simulate remediation of risk and understand the potential outcomes of remediation before adding controls to protect sensitive data.

But the growing requirements of privacy regulations and consumer demands necessitate even more capabilities. Now, organizations need to closely link identities to sensitive data to support data subject rights, meet notification requirements and satisfy auditors.

While previous intelligent data security solutions provided extensive user data, new identity-centric capabilities provide the analysis, visualizations and management of personal data required to support privacy regulations and consumer demands.

 I’m excited to share, that with Informatica’s Summer Launch, we are adding a new subject registry to our Secure@Source solution to support GDPR and the continuously growing body of data privacy regulations.

The subject registry will enable organizations to address privacy requirements of GDPR and other regulations:

  1. Who are the individuals represented in the organizations sensitive data?
  2. What sensitive data does the organization retain on everyone?
  3. Understand sensitive data risk with intelligence on various attributes, such as location, data stores, protection status, and the use of everyone’s sensitive data.
  4. The ability to quickly locate sensitive data by individuals to support data subject requests, such as: “What data do you have about me?”, or “Please delete all my data!”

In addition, Informatica’s Data Privacy and Protection solution will enable our customers to improve data privacy and protection, discover new and existing data assets, analyze data risk across the enterprise, link identities to sensitive data, understand the impact of data protection before implementation and automate protection workflows for privacy and security teams.

Please watch the 2018 Summer Launch Virtual Event to hear more details about our solution and see a demo of this powerful software for data privacy and protection. Also, see our new video on Secure@Source that reviews the capabilities for comprehensive private and sensitive data discovery, protection and monitoring.