Bolstering Google Cloud Data Readiness with Informatica

Google CloudGoogle Cloud Next has grown into a large cloud industry event with more than 25,000 people gathered at the conference in San Francisco this July. Google is investing heavily in bringing its data innovations to Google Cloud and growing the Google Cloud partner ecosystem. Since Diane Greene joined Google Cloud 2 years ago, Google has been rounding out the capabilities of its Cloud services and the available partner solutions to make Google Cloud fully enterprise ready.

As demonstrated by the attendance at Cloud Next, many organizations are looking to leverage the scalability and innovation of Google Cloud services including BigQuery and Cloud Spanner for cloud data warehousing. They want to modernize existing on-prem data warehouses that may be bursting at their seams and for entirely new use cases, such as better customer understanding or machine learning.

While many of the early adopter stories were about hero data developers that hand coded their data onto Google Cloud, the enterprise customers I spoke with at the show were looking for a more sustainable and governed approach to integrating Google Cloud into their hybrid data infrastructures. Hand coded integrations and simple ETL data loaders may solve the initial challenges of migrating easily accessible data to cloud infrastructures, but they lack the capabilities to satisfy the demands of complex hybrid data environments and the compliance obligations of large organizations.

Informatica has been honing its solutions for enterprise data integration and management challenges for 25 years and is quickly extending these capabilities to Google Cloud. It starts with highly productive UI-driven data integration with hundreds of high-performance connectors and data lineage. Because Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services automatically updates connectors to constantly changing SaaS apps and other cloud services, change management and opportunities for hand coding errors when updating are greatly reduced. As journeys to the cloud progress, the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform also includes market leading advanced data capabilities including data cataloging, data quality, master data management, publish/subscribe data hubs, APIs (through Informatica Integration Cloud for Apigee), data security and governance.

In the booth and our joint session with Google Cloud, Informatica demonstrated data integration and processing with Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Google Analytics, SaaS applications (like Salesforce and Marketo) and on-premises databases (for example Oracle). Together with Informatica, you can confidently put Google Cloud into production as an integrated component of their strategic data infrastructure and accelerate your data-driven digital transformation.

Watch the replay of the Google-Informatica joint session at Cloud Next: Use the Power of Google Cloud and Informatica to Build a Modern Data Architecture (Cloud Next ’18)

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