Journey to Google Cloud Just Got Easier with Informatica

Increasingly, new data warehouses are being built in the cloud with Google Cloud picking up great momentum. Cloud infrastructure providers have evolved in the past couple of years and many organizations are coming to view cloud data warehouses as more secure, more reliable and more enterprise friendly than the traditional on-premises options. This doesn’t mean that they are not without challenges. In their April 2016 survey, McKinsey and Company found 86 percent of executives surveyed were “at best only somewhat effective at meeting the primary objective of the data and analytics program.” They also found that data management was the top technical challenge blocking success.

Google Cloud
Journey to Google Cloud with Informatica

As organizations adopt cloud applications and analytics, their data management becomes more complex than in a simple on-premises-only environment. And it’s not just one cloud, either. “Cloud” is very likely “multi-cloud” – meaning multiple ecosystems and applications. It has become a hybrid world. To compete in this environment, organizations need an end-to-end hybrid data management platform to deliver enterprise data quickly and securely across multiple cloud and on-premises environments. To be successful in integrating Google Cloud with the rest of your enterprise, best in class tools are required.

Google Cloud provides an on-demand infrastructure service that is secure, high performing, cost effective, continuously improving/innovating and globally present. Google Cloud is built entirely by Google engineers — starting from fiber optics connections between data centers, custom high-performance servers through the software running on top of it. By building all cloud component in-house essentially provides Google flexibility to offer very reliable, fast, secure and customer-focused Cloud services. This mode of operation makes Google a very competitive IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) player and many world’s top leading organizations are migrating to the Google Cloud Platform.

When any customer decides to adopt to Google Cloud and use services such as Big Query, Cloud Storage or Cloud Spanner, they do not wish to create an additional data silo. Their new architecture should link together data and systems across their enterprise infrastructure. It needs to integrate with external SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, on-prem databases, enterprise applications and in some cases, even mainframes. To support our customer’s journey to cloud, Informatica has developed Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)™, a next generation iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) with expanded support for Google Cloud Services. IICS is a powerful data integration gateway to integrate the Google ecosystem with any other enterprise system. More than 200+ high-performance connectors from Informatica make it easy to bring variety of data from any source into Google Cloud platform and make sure it is formatted to be analyzed together. Data from across your all of your systems and applications can quickly be loaded into a data lake on Google or be available to run complex ML algorithms. Informatica’ s aim is to enable their customers to unleash to power of all of their data in Google Cloud.

Informatica has worked closely with Google to create rich and performant connectors for Big Query, Cloud Spanner and Cloud Storage. These connectors can read and write data, parse complex data types like RECORD (for Google BQ) and process billions of records.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services can also enable you to better leverage data for marketing analysis with data from Google. New integration capabilities for Google Analytics combined our newly launched connectivity enables access to data from Google Analytics, Double Click and Adwords. You can now more easily combine marketing and campaign data from Google into their data warehouses, combine it with other customer data to create a more complete customer view for marketing and customer analytics.

Informatica is in the process of extending our popular data catalog with integration with Google Cloud. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog provides search, profiling and complete hybrid data lineage to better manage enterprise data assets and inform strategic and operational decisions about data infrastructure. Enterprise Data Catalog, leverages Informatica’s AI technology, the CLAIRE™ engine, to profile and make recommendations about your data to help you better understand and leverage your data for your business.

As more companies use Google Cloud to power their enterprises, Informatica is here to help speed them on their journeys. Expanded product support for Google Cloud by Informatica makes it easier for large organizations to extend their data infrastructure to Google Cloud with confidence. Leverage Informatica’s high-performance connectivity and data processing together with easy to use codeless tools to quickly move data into Google Cloud and leverage it for storage, processing and analytics.

To learn more, see us at Google Cloud Next and join our session on Informatica’s support for Google Cloud:

Google Cloud Next DA224 – Use the Power of Google Cloud and Informatica to Build a Modern Data Architecture on Wednesday, July 25, 3:15–4:05 PM.