Integration and Support in Lockstep with Snowflake

Integration and support in lockstep with SnowflakeIn keeping with a rapidly deepening and strengthening partnership with Snowflake, we are making strides in ensuring that we stay in lockstep with our technical integration as well.

We are excited to announce that starting August 2018, Informatica will be offering support for Snowflake on Azure. This support will be available across our Data Integration products, and includes:

  • Informatica’s Intelligent Cloud Services, which will support Snowflake on Azure in Beta as of July 13th and will be certified for Snowflake on Azure by the August monthly release
  • Informatica PowerCenter, available on Informatica version 10.2.0 HF1
  • Informatica Big Data Management, scheduled to be GA with release 10.2.2.

Informatica’s “Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse” connector is a native, high-volume data connector that enables users to quickly and easily design big-data integration solutions from any cloud, on-premises or hybrid data sources to any number of Snowflake databases.

Snowflake on Azure uses Azure Blob Storage as the staging area. The staging is largely transparent to Informatica users who interact with Snowflake via Informatica’s Snowflake connector, which uses underlying Snowflake JDBC driver.

This integration allows customers to leverage Informatica benefits such as:

  • Comprehensive connectivity that supports Read, Write, Update, Upsert
  • Ability to create target tables dynamically in Snowflake based on the structure of data being loaded
  • Ability to insert in bulk
  • Wide range of transformations available on all Informatica products
  • Ability read using SQL queries and also from Snowflake Views in addition to tables
  • Comprehensive Push Down Optimization that allows a user to define the transformations using Informatica’s mapping designer and run it on Snowflake’s compute power using Snowflake compatible SQL. This allows users to use either ETL or ELT pattern based on their choice, using just a checkbox

To learn more about Snowflake on Azure

View the Informatica Snowflake Demo here