Gelato or no Gelato? Why Scream, if you have a Data Catalog!

It’s 4.50pm and it’s time to call it a day. Sarah planned this day carefully, so she can drop off her son to soccer practice and daughter to gymnastics. And she can visit the new gelato place all by herself. She has been waiting for this day to have a cone lined with Nutella, a drizzle of dulce de leche, a sprinkle of sea salt and a strawberry-mango macaron on the top. And in 10 more minutes… she will be heading out of the office. As she is packing, she gets a text from Brian, the sales operations analyst. Brian is all into data – he believes data can make their company superpowered, and he is the superman delivering that superpower! And the text reads – “Hey Sarah, I am looking for the best performing products of 2016 and 2017 – revenue performance and product reviews. The CRO needs it ASAP. Can you point me to the right data for product reviews? Sorry, urgent! 🙁 ”…Sarah is clearly upset. Should she look for the data right now? What are the chances of her finding the right data from hundreds of data sources in the next 10 mins? Should she drop off the kids and start looking for it? Time is running out. She wants to scream…

Sarah is not alone. Many of you are running into this problem as data landscapes are changing constantly and data is exploding. Companies have ambitious plans to expand and disrupt markets based on data today. Business users want answers to many complex business questions. Data is the answer! However, finding the right data is not a trivial task. What do you think Sarah will do? Will she comb through those hundreds of data sources to find the right data? If she can even find the data, can she confirm that it’s the right data? Is she the subject matter expert?

Now imagine if Sara had a google-like data cataloging tool that could search and find the right, trusted data in seconds! She would be happily driving to her favorite gelato place right now.

So what’s the scoop with this data catalog? Interested in learning more? Join the deep-dive and demo webinar on June 26th. You can register here. Bring your own gelato 🙂