Keeping it Real: Introducing AI-Driven Informatica Data Concierge

This blog is co-authored by Ron Lunasin and Rik Tamm-Daniels

AI is probably one of the most hyped terms in technology of the last 5-10 years, if not of all time. Many companies are struggling to understand how to leverage the potential of AI. At Informatica World 2018, Amit Walia, Informatica President, Product and Strategic Ecosystems, showcased a very real way in which AI can deliver transformative results.

Data ConciergeTogether with our partner, Cognizant, Informatica developed and showcased the world’s first Artificial Data Concierge. It provides a human-friendly interaction model via Microsoft Azure’s Chat Bot service and Luis NLP engine imbued with intelligence around data sources, data domains, security controls and data governance policies. The result is a bot that can infinitely scale your ability to access data quickly while staying compliant.

The Data Concierge locates data sets across both structured and unstructured cloud, on-premises and legacy data repositories thanks to the depth and breadth of cataloging in Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) and EDC’s open API layer. The ability to discover data is incredibly value when you can find it not only by where it’s stored but also by what it means to the business. And that’s what Informatica CLAIRE engine brings to enterprise data cataloging. Now businesses can search by data domains.

Find Data and Stay Compliant

Finding data based on business data domain is an incredible accelerator, but once you know what data you want, how do you get access to it without having to go through a small pool of human gate-keepers and still ensure compliant data use? Enter Informatica’s data governance capabilities via Secure@Source, Axon, and Data Masking.

Informatica Axon enables businesses to encode policies on data use and proliferation. Informatica Secure@Source and Informatica Data Masking link those policies to physical data sources and data sets and enforce protection of data with data masking and encryption. Thanks to a rich API layer, all this intelligence and institutional knowledge about how to leverage data in any given company can be tapped into by the Data Concierge to ensure compliance while enabling business agility.

Finally, the last mile is provisioning data, the Data Concierge can once again leverage Informatica APIs, but this time with Informatica’s Intelligent Cloud Services to deliver data to target repositories such as Azure SQL DW, Azure SQL DB, ADLS, or Blob storage for analytics and other application use.

Data Concierge

To get a sense of how powerful the Data Concierge is, let’s walk through a quick example.

Let’s say you want to find customer data for some marketing analytics. With Informatica’s Data Concierge, you can quickly search for and find a set of sources and tables that contain customer data and then provision that data to Azure SQL DW via a simple chat interaction with the Data Concierge. In the process, the Data Concierge identifies that the data set contained PII data, and since policies are in effect to protect PII data when moving to a cloud-based target, the Data Concierge automatically masks the sensitive data when loading it to Azure SQL DW.

Data Concierge

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what the Data Concierge can do and how far it can go, but it’s an incredible testament to the power of Informatica’s Enterprise Cloud Data Management platform, its rich APIs, and the comprehensive nature of Azure AI services, that we can deliver such a sophisticated experience today.

I hope you are as excited as we are for where data management is headed with the power of AI!