Deeper Engagement with Master Data Management at Informatica World 2018

Informatica World 2018Successful data-driven digital transformation initiatives run on data. And a critical part of that data management solution is the single view of data provided by Master Data Management (MDM). Organizations are using Informatica MDM to drive game-changing initiatives around customer engagement, supplier engagement and omni-channel marketing that differentiate their services and products in the marketplace and accelerate the delivery of business value.

The world of MDM is rapidly changing, and our customers are on the cutting edge. The challenge used to be finding, managing, and relating data about a domain from across multiple data silos within an organization. Now data being mastered includes social and transactional data as well, dramatically increasing the data volumes being mastered. Also, we are seeing strong growth in the implementation of multi-domain MDM where multiple data domains are mastered on a single system to enable cross-domain understanding and insights that will lead to breakthroughs in understanding and engaging with customers, suppliers, partners, channels, patients, and more.

Come and hear how organizations like Experian, Harvard Business School, Telus, M&T Bank, McAfee and K-Mart use Informatica MDM and MDM Solutions to unleash the power of data to drive initiatives such as deeper customer relationships, better understanding of customers across channels, and broader understanding of suppliers to optimize their results and the experience of customers, partners.

If you are responsible for initiatives that require deeper engagement that is driven by data and data insights you owe it to yourself to attend these sessions.

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