Big Data Management is Cloud Ready at Informatica World 2018

Informatica World 2018 Sometimes people lose sight of the “why” of big data. It’s all about delivering actionable insights that will give your organization a leg up on your competition. This can be by creating new sources of revenue, new analytics insights to drive better customer experiences, or even new insights that will save lives.

Initiatives like this require delivering data you can trust faster than ever before to make these insights possible. And that brings us to cloud. 2018 has been something of a tipping point for big data and the cloud.

At this year’s Informatica World you will hear how Informatica is driving big data management to the cloud. Come and hear how Informatica Big Data Management (BDM) is certified and available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Specifically, we mean that BDM installs with a single button push and scales up and down on demand so that you only pay for what you use. Add to that broader support for the latest from SPARK and Kafka, a broad range of new connectivity to cloud and big data systems, and new capabilities for big data streaming all brought together by a unified user experience and you will see why this is one of the fastest-growing product areas at Informatica.

And it’s not just cloud. There are also many exciting customer stories around the use of Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog to make relevant data discoverable faster by technical and non-technical users alike, for analytics across the entire enterprise.

Thought-leading organizations like Cleveland Clinic, Mediacom Communications, United Healthcare, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will tell you how they are using Informatica, analytics, and big data to accelerate the delivery of business value.

If you are responsible for the data that drives analytics at your organization, you should not miss these sessions.

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