Informatica Global Customer Support Garners Top Rating in Comprehensive TSIA Audit

At Informatica, acceleration of the transformation to a subscription business is contingent on delivering best in class services to drive customer success. To Establish Informatica as a leader in services excellence, last October, the Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) team undertook the rigorous assignment of a Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) audit that would measure Informatica on nearly 300 best practices across six separate components of technology service and support

After four months of evidence gathering, meetings, and intense interviews with TSIA auditors in our offices in the U.S. and Bangalore, Informatica’s GCS was “Rated Outstanding in Assisted and Self-service Support, in the North America & APJ regions. Informatica scored high overall, and in many areas – assisted support and self-services in particular – we were pacesetters compared to industry benchmarks.

So, what exactly is the TSIA Operational Diagnostics and Certification Audit? According to TSIA, it’s a compendium of support operations best practices criteria, developed and updated by TSIA and a member-led Industry Standards Board. Representing the collective experience of more than 50 leading technology companies, the Support and Field Services Best Practices Criteria includes more than 300 best practices from agent-based and electronic self-service to field service and outsource partner management. Audits are conducted by seasoned support professionals who compare your current practices to the best in the industry. Among the companies who are also currently TSIA certified are Citrix, HP Enterprise, Intermedia, Deltek, Verisign, and Marketo. You can find the certified company history list here. So Informatica is in exclusive company.

Data and analytics are powerful allies to companies that are growing and changing. At Informatica, we strongly believe that customer service is no longer about traditional break-fix model and solving a problem. The best service is no service and delivering proactive service is reliant on intelligent actionable data. We continue to push the horizon using data to personalize customer experience and provide proactive support. TSIA auditors were pleased with Informatica’s data-driven approach to service. Auditors called out the TSIA STAR Award winning “DiscoveryIQ” and “Predictive Escalation” feature, a machine-based algorithm designed to pre-empt customer escalations, which could potentially impact customer business, as a best practice. In addition, the auditors noted that the assisted support metrics exceeded TSIA’s industry benchmarks in all categories.

With our vision to provide the best omni-channel customer experience and automate support operations, we have a thriving customer portal “Informatica Network”, a community platform, that allows customers to engage and collaborate thereby empowering them to take full advantage of Informatica products. Auditors were thrilled about our Self-service capabilities, real-time analytics framework, responsible for driving personalized experience for customers and seamless transition from unassisted to assisted support. Auditors also re-affirmed that Informatica’s customer portal is reflective of a well-crafted self-service support strategy that improves customer satisfaction and productivity by giving customers accurate, personalized, and timely information.

Taking part in the TSIA was a proactive effort to recognize the quality of our support services as a competitive differentiator. While the audit results are clearly a validation of our team’s hard work to deliver world-class support, the real winners are Informatica’s customers, since everything we’ve done and will do enhances the customer experience.

To know more, catch us at Informatica World 2018 in Las Vegas from May 21-24.