You Have to Change Anyway, So Why Not Change Big?

Ideas for data-driven innovation and change are everywhere like this one Data Is the New Currency of Digital Transformation by Anil Chakravarthy. Or maybe you’re working on new technologies for predictive analytics, big data, cloud, customer master data and mobile apps. The point is you have to change to keep up with new technologies, market pressures and new business models. So why not make a big change; a transformation.

Digital TransformationThe process for a big change or little change is the same. Isn’t it? There is one big challenge with big changes; leadership alignment. In other words, getting all the leaders and stakeholders to agree on the specific sequence of steps, costs, impacts and priorities to have the transformation a reality. If you DON’T have alignment, you might experience this: everyone is excited and supportive of the CEO’s vision, but day-to-day realities point a different priority and somehow the vision just crawls forward.

The answer to this challenge is simple – just get everyone to agree! Of course that’s easy to say, but your organization may be hampered by silo decision making or other cultural behaviors. One secret to make through these hurdles is to adopt a Business Architecture capability.

Business architecture is defined as “a blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.”

This capability is needed to two mechanisms:

1) a common language across all stakeholders, and

2) connecting the dots in a complex business (functions, processes, information, systems, technology, products, channels, customers, etc…).

Once you understand the dependencies and have a language that everyone understands, then you can facilitate alignment across leaders. That’s when big changes happen – when everyone works as a team!

How is your Enterprise Architecture coming along and forming? If you are like some, standardizing and developing an enterprise wide solutions is slow, arduous and in some cases painful. Did you know that Informatica Professional Services has resources and the team that can help accelerate the process?…

Have you recently completed, or attempted, a Transformation? Were you able to successfully complete it without a Business Architecture capability? Please add comments to this blog with your experiences or best practices.