Data Privacy and Protection Takes Center Stage

Data Privacy and ProtectionBusinesses today are seeing a perfect storm of data privacy and protection, driven by unyielding forces centered around a customer’s private information. These forces include the chronic barrage of data breaches, the enactment of powerful privacy regulations and the growing consumer and citizen awareness of their rights to control their personal data.

In this perfect storm, organizations must give data privacy and protection full attention.  The failure to do so can be severe and have adverse impact on revenues and marketplace trust. Organizations risk huge fines, loss of revenue, brand damage and customer defection. Couple this backdrop with the progression to Data 3.0, organizations must have the tools and resources for continuous intelligence with the private data entrusted to them. These powerful tools must enable organizations to discover, protect and monitor private data to meet customer and regulator expectations.

The protection and control of private data has complexities. With more users, end points and demand for use in marketing and service applications, organizations must be diligent in monitoring private data risk. This challenges the entire organization and requires unprecedented collaboration to ensure that discovery, protection and monitoring of private data meet the needs of customers and regulators.

 With Informatica’s Spring Launch, we have focused our data security portfolio on providing the market leading data privacy and protection solution. Informatica data privacy and protection (Secure@Source® with Persistent and Dynamic Masking) offers the most comprehensive suite of solutions to help customers identify, protect and monitor sensitive data risks.

Our data privacy and protection solution has powerful new capabilities to address the challenges for keeping data private and secure:

  • Expanded sensitive data discovery and visibilityusing Secure@Source and integration with Enterprise Data Catalog and ServiceNow CMDB to identify current and new data sources, supporting new sources including SharePoint, OneDrive, AVRO, Parquet and Atlas support, we deliver comprehensive visibility into both unstructured and structured data.
  • More effective remediation of Secure@Source with new encryption transformations for Informatica Persistent Data Masking, integration with Informatica Dynamic Data Masking, and integration with ServiceNow Service Management for workflow management.
  • Improved risk management with risk simulation to analyze the outcomes of data protection, and customizable risk factors to reflect each organization’s unique environment and business priorities.

Informatica’s data privacy and protection solution enables our customers to improve data privacy and protection, to discover new and existing data assets, analyze data risk across the enterprise, understand the impact of data protection before implementation and automate protection workflows for privacy and security teams.

The solution leverages proven technology for data privacy and protection, with comprehensive capabilities to discover and protect all data from all sources. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for the discovery, remediation and monitoring of data privacy and security risks. With this solution, organizations can automate data privacy and protection to continuously manage data risk as required by the growing body of privacy regulations.

Please watch the 2018 Spring Launch Virtual Event and hear more details about our solution and see a demo of this powerful software for data privacy and protection.  Also, see our new video on Secure@Source that reviews the capabilities for comprehensive private and sensitive data discovery, protection and monitoring.