News Flash: Microsoft Takes a Huge Leap Forward with their Azure SQL DW Gen2 Platform

Azure SQL DWAs the leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, Informatica was plugged into the beginnings of the cloud data warehousing movement, and we have been a key partner in helping many companies shift their data “center of gravity” to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of the infinite scale-out, scale-on-demand, pay-as-you-go and workload isolation that only cloud-based data services can offer.

Today, Microsoft, a strategic partner of ours, announced some very exciting innovations for Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW). The new capabilities make the combination of Informatica’s comprehensive high-speed Azure SQL DW connectivity and data transformation push-down to Azure SQL DW with an even more potent combination, empowering our customers.

Some of the most compelling changes in Azure SQL DW Compute Optimized Gen2 tier are:

  • 10x query performance thanks to a novel intelligent caching feature
  • Significant improvement in serving concurrent queries (32 to 128 queries/cluster)
  • Removes limits on columnar data volume to enable unlimited columnar data volume.

One of our biggest life sciences customers relies up Azure SQL DW to provide an agile on-demand provisioning model for their data consumers and will benefit significantly from Azure SQL DW Compute Optimized Gen2 tier enhanced concurrency and hub-and-spoke scaling model to enhance performance for end users while reducing their overall deployment costs.

We at Informatica are proud to provide the fastest, most comprehensive on-ramp to Azure SQL DW with our intelligence data cataloging and market-leading integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution.

Benefits of using Informatica to jumpstart your Azure SQL DW journey are:

  • Connectivity to all on-premises data warehouse vendors and hundreds of other data sources
  • Intelligent cataloging to make it easy to locate data to be moved to the cloud
  • Best-in-class data integration capabilities
  • Rapid identification of dependencies to develop a rock-solid migration strategy

To learn more about how Informatica can help, check out the following resources:

Finally, there will be lots of exciting announcements around our partnership with Microsoft at Informatica World, May 21-24th in Las Vegas. If you haven’t registered, get your pass now and I’ll look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!