Single View of the Customer Means Your LOBs are Happy Campers

Informatica Intelligent Cloud ServicesOne of my bucket list items is to go across the country in an RV. Did you know that it costs about $55 per day for vacationing in your own RV versus an average of $180 per day in a hotel? That’s sweet, plus the fact that RVs these days come with gourmet kitchens and accommodate friends and family, makes it almost a no-brainer. Although planning such a vacation seems fun and all, I recently realized while hosting a webinar, that running an RV business with over 10 million customers is no picnic. Camping World, a one-stop shop for the RV enthusiast, offering RV sales and service, camping and RV-related products, and the Good Sam membership club, is doing exactly that. During the webinar, Camping World’s data architect Terry Britt shared how this large enterprise, with many lines of businesses and applications, is managing all its data and maintaining a focus on the customer. But, as the company modernized its infrastructure, it had numerous data-centric challenges to overcome:

  • Camping World had siloes of applications across all its different lines of business. Often, any given LOB or application had its own security framework, user interface, and reporting. This was both very tedious to work through and a recipe for inaccurate data, incomplete insights, and slow response to market opportunities.
  • It was difficult, if not impossible, to identify the “real customer” among duplicate and stale records. At best, customer information was at least a week old before it was available to all systems. A week might not always sound like a long time, but when you’re looking at sales opportunities on a new RV, or dealing with service inquiries, seven days makes a huge difference.
  • Any change to a customer’s physical or email address created duplicate entries that preserved outdated information and generated confusion.
  • Because of that lack of clarity about customers, Camping World’s contact databases were saturated with contacts, which drove inefficiencies that put customer experience at risk.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

What Camping World wanted sounds simple, but it represented a tremendous transformation, especially given its footprints on premises with Oracle EBS and in the cloud with multiple Salesforce apps such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and more. As Terry mentions in the webinar, “Our vision is a customer and product master that is accurate, secure and easily accessible to the enterprise.” That meant Terry needed to provide business decision makers at Camping World with the following:

  • A complete view of every customer, in terms of sales, service, and membership, within a single security framework, and only one interface for users to learn.
  • Mobility, so that users could access and update customer data from anywhere.
  • A dramatic reduction in the time the sales team received a lead.
  • Real-time data accuracy.

On top of all that customer data (did I mention Camping World is working with 5 million email addresses?), the company tracks service ratings and other metrics of activity and satisfaction, plus results and ROI on email marketing, web ads, and search engine marketing.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Camping World uses Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to tie its data together and bring this single view of the customer into focus, across it’s LOBs and applications. Terry is now able to give every line of business a complete real-time perspective on all customers, and data is current that day, not a siloed snapshot of who the customer was last week. Using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to integrate data across the Salesforce implementation that is its system of record, Camping World:

  • Has merged 26 million duplicate customer records
  • Manages 15,000 actual changes to customer records, down from 7.5 million customer updates
  • Has data on all customers who have made purchase in last 3 years available in database
  • Has fully automated ETL
  • Can assign a lead in seconds, from anywhere, via mobile app (improved from a 45-minute process)

On the webinar, Terry goes into detail about how Camping World tackled the data challenges, walking through his thinking and the ins and outs of implementation. His well-considered presentation provides a lot of inspiration for how complex enterprises can go from highly siloed to highly efficient and collaborative. Check out the full webinar here, and please let me know what you think in the comments below. In addition, join us at our launch event on April 18th to learn about our brand new next-gen. cloud app integration and data management solutions. The event begins with a live general keynote followed by multiple product tracks for deep-dives, demos, and perspectives on how our customers are leading data-driven digital transformation with intelligent insights using cloud, big data, enterprise data catalog, data governance, and data-centric security. The live chat will provide you with the opportunity to interact with our product experts and grill them with your questions. We hope to see you there!