A Veteran Informatica Partner Turns Its Focus to Customer Experience

Informatica Partner*Guest post by Gil Rosen. Gil is NGDATA’s Head of Strategy and a veteran solution architect and data specialist. As former President and Founder of Eccella, Gil built a global data and analytics consultancy of 100 strong; advising on and implementing outcome-focused data initiatives for enterprises across Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Media, and Utilities. Gil also founded and oversaw Eccella’s Data Strategy practice, building out Eccella’s framework and methodology for aligning customers’ technology infrastructure and roadmaps to their corporate objectives. Gil is a Sloan Fellow and graduate of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and earned his Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.

Veteran Informatica Partner, Eccella Corporation, was acquired by NGDATA in June of 2017, specifically for its depth of experience in delivering modern data infrastructures for integration, governance, process automation and analytics; all built on the Informatica platform’s solid foundation.

NGDATA is a leading customer experience management company whose AI-powered customer data platform (CDP) ingests 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, in real-time, to update a machine learning predictive model for each customer or prospect, creating Customer DNA profiles. These models drive hyper-customized actions tailoring personalized content on the right channel, at the right time, throughout their customer journey for maximum engagement and return.

Informatica PartnerNGDATA’s CDP is predicated upon comprehensive and trusted data in real-time – a challenge for most B2C organizations which suffer from siloed source systems, ungoverned and unmastered data, and legacy applications and data infrastructure. NGDATA found its solution in Eccella and the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform and has built its new Digital Transformation practice around the Eccella team.

With its focus on B2C industries including financial services, hospitality, utilities, media and telecom, NGDATA is guiding its customers across the data-driven journey to becoming truly customer-centric – from data strategy and roadmapping through modern Integration Infrastructure, to data governance and analytical insight – NGDATA’s Digital Transformation team ensures pervasive access to data built on Informatica’s robust Enterprise Data Lake.

Customer Centricity

So, what does it take to be truly customer-centric? It takes treating each customer as an individual rather than a segment. That means truly understanding your customers, their journey, their preferences and the aggregate of their interactions with you across all channels, devices and experiences. While most marketing teams still manually draft and execute campaigns, such an approach just isn’t feasible if each outreach needs to be fully customized to every prospect and customer. True customer centricity requires volumes of data from multiple sources, blended together, while constantly learning and evolving to optimize a customers preferences and propensities. It requires a marriage of customer eligibility and interest, with the value of a given experience, and their place along their journey to truly curate a meaningful experience every time.

Strong Foundations – Data Lake Jumpstart

NGDATAAll of this requires a strong, robust foundation, and NGDATA has teamed up with Informatica and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer an accelerated package for building a data lake correctly, as a platform for comprehensive, managed data, empowering analytics and predictive models to understand and improve your customers’ experiences. Building a data lake is often the first hurdle organizations face; a significant investment in an often complicated undertaking without clear return. Informatica and AWS have solved the platform part of the challenge with their Data Lake Quickstart – a free 30-day trial of Informatica’s Data Lake Management solution on the AWS ecosystem. More information on the Quickstart can be found here.

NGDATA has taken this one step further, complementing the Data Lake Quickstart with a services offering to implement an end-to-end use case ingesting your data onto the Quickstart’s Data Lake, and building an MVP predictive model to demonstrate the value and process of predictive analytics.

On April 12th, Informatica and NGDATA will cohost a webinar demonstrating an end-to-end use case for telemarketing data in the retail banking sector. We welcome you to join and learn how to build an effective data lake. Save your seat here.