PowerCenter Users Can Now See The Light (Through Operational Insights)

PowerCenter Empower Your PowerCenter Operations With “Operational Insights”

Informatica PowerCenter “power users” have asked for improved ability to gain the operational insights necessary for managing multiple PowerCenter Data Centers – asset discovery, determining shared system usage (for ROI calculations), and advanced analytical insight for capacity planning and scheduling of distributed workflow runs (to optimize performance).

Most users traditionally addressed these needs through a combination of tools, processes – and maybe a bit of wizardry, but it could be time and resource intensive, (which includes discovering the Gandalf amongst your midst).

Always ensuring our customer feedback influences our product innovation roadmap, I’m excited to share that we’re delivering these insights required – which will significantly improve your productivity.

Introducing Operational Insights (for Informatica)

I can finally see the light!

Operational Insights is a Cloud-based Application that provides senior managers & administrators visibility into the performance and operational efficiency of Informatica assets across the enterprise.

Enabled by the CLAIRE™ engine, Informatica’s metadata-driven Artificial Intelligence capability, Operational Insights consists of components and services running in Informatica domains as well as on Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services. It detects all Informatica assets within a domain, including Nodes, PowerCenter Grids, Informatica Application Services, and PowerCenter Repositories and makes their status visible from a single dashboard!

When implemented, Operational Insights detects current domains and then bootstraps new ones, provides analytics for trending resource utilization (for elasticity and auto-scaling purposes), provides workflow run statistics and insights, and troubleshoots Domain / Node / Service / Grid performance issues with workflow runs. Operational Insights also provides recommendations for remediating errors, and improving performance which helps resolve or avoid problems with workflows.

Essentially, this is an awesome new tool for large traditional PowerCenter users that acts as a single pane of glass for monitoring Informatica deployments throughout your enterprise. Operational Insights helps administrators better support their entire data integration life cycle.

If this sounds like something you or a colleague may want to check out, go here for more information, take a listen to this Webinar OR you can try it out here. For free? Yes, a free 1-year subscription, and we promise you’ll see the light when you see what it can do.


  • Ankur Argal

    Hi, I wish to try this awesome tool through IICS but my 1 month trial period has expired. As mentioned in the blog, the subscription is free for 1 year. Can you provide my id : ankur.argal@accenture.com free access to the IICS for trying out the Operational Insights and other relevant tools.


    • Alan Lundberg

      Hello Ankur – try the link at the end of the blog post again and you should be able to sign up immediately

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