Integrate Data and Apps, Code-Free, with Informatica Cloud Application Integration and API Services


iPaaSA happy third month of the year to my readers! Here at Informatica, our team has been working tirelessly to deliver on the vision that we launched at the beginning of the year.

As a reminder, at the beginning of the year we delivered our milestone release of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) Winter 2017 – reimagining Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Continuing with the same enthusiasm and delight, I am happy to announce the General Availability of Informatica API and  Cloud Application Integration, available on Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS).

IICS offers a unified and modern user experience across various iPaaS integration patterns and supports a modular, metadata-driven microservices architecture leveraging AI and Machine Learning with the CLAIRE™ engine.

With the increase of a multi-cloud and hybrid landscape, the challenges around integrating and managing all the various apps and data, in a secure and trusted way, is taking the highest precedence as companies move to the cloud. It is becoming complicated for enterprises to get a unified experience and visibility across the exploding variety of SaaS and on-premises apps (e.g., Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, Marketo, Microsoft, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Tableau).

With IICS, we help you overcome those challenges so you can focus on the more important business decisions driving innovation and accelerating your data-driven digital transformation.

You can leverage the intelligent API and  Cloud Application Integration (CAI) services to accelerate and scale business process automation, drive faster time-to-value for your products and services and increased productivity and collaboration by seamlessly integrating and managing the various apps and data across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Ensuring we continue to deliver innovation and capabilities are customers need, I’m happy to share some of the new and enriched capabilities included in the latest release will:

  • Accelerate business efficiency and user productivity via a unified user experience across and backed by advanced microservices based architecture to support various iPaaS use cases
  • Drive seamless automation of business processes with intelligent and flexible APIs simplifying integration across data, apps and event processing, integrated visual workflow designers, without the need to code
  • Enable rapid development and faster time to market with easy to build, deploy and monitor APIs using advanced monitoring, analytics, debugging and DevOps practices
  • Deliver robust and optimized app development with automatic API metadata discovery, API lifecycle management, access to real-time analytics
  • Offer improved developer experience

It is a significant step forward on our mission to accelerate our customer’s data-driven digital transformation, tackling the multi-cloud and hybrid data and app integration and data management challenges with the newly available services on IICS.

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