HIMSS 2018: What a Difference a Year Makes!

At last year’s HIMSS conference Informatica displayed our newly acquired Axon Data Governance, along with our next generation intelligent data applications – Enterprise Data Catalog and Enterprise Data Lake. This year we are back with the same applications, but now with live demonstrations that showcase the power and value of comprehensive integration between these applications, along with our market-leading data integration and master data management solutions.

HIMSS 2018I think one of the hottest topics at HIMSS will be the need to govern and ensure the quality and trustworthiness of data as it becomes the foundation of our industries digital transformation. Our enterprise data governance demonstration will showcase how healthcare organizations can effectively manage enterprise data as an asset. Using a voluntary data filing defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as the core use case, we will demonstrate how Axon Data Governance supports keeping track of data sources, data owners, and data glossaries to seamlessly tie everything together and back to the CMS policy defining the data submission. These requirements are further linked directly to data quality rules that run against live enterprise data to profile, correct where possible, and visualize the end-to-end data quality directly affecting the accuracy of the data submission. We will also show the tight integration between the Axon business-facing application and Enterprise Data Catalog which links the business view of the data submission process to the underlying physical data sources. Enterprise Data Catalog provides a fully searchable inventory of data assets available to support the newly defined data submission, and an end-to-end lineage from source-to-target . With Enterprise Data Catalog, the impact of any future system changes on the data submission can be prospectively identified and mitigated – rather than being fixed after the fact and only once the required data submission is done in error.

Equally exciting and interesting will be our integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) demonstration where we will showcase the market’s most advanced and comprehensive hybrid integration platform. Far from data integration being static and “yesterday’s news,” this demonstration will focus on the modern reality of data sources, data targets and applications both in the cloud and on-premises. We will show how new cloud data sources can be easily imported into data analytics architecture; how new data flows and business processes can be defined to orchestrate the real-time flow of data to cloud and mobile applications; and how this powerful integration has been made simpler and easier to support the growing class of “citizen integrators.”

Big data and analytics will also be central to our HIMSS story, where in collaboration with our partner Corporate Technologies, Inc we will have a live demonstration of our next-generation analytics solution. This demonstration will focus on how Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform can enable the analytics agility essential for modern-day healthcare enterprise. Faced with new questions from leadership, analysts must quickly respond with trustworthy insights. They must find and validate existing data assets from across the enterprise; import entirely new third-party data sets; match-and-merge with trustworthy sources of patient/provider identity; and incorporate deep clinical data from electronic health records. These activities must be accomplished quickly and in an agile manner to respond to any type of requests, with this agility forms the cornerstone of what Informatica refers to as a generational market disruption in data, the emergence of Data 3.0 – where data powers digital transformation.

It’s bound to be an exciting and busy week in Las Vegas, and there’s no better place to spend an hour of your valuable time than in the Informatica booth 3606 seeing the future of healthcare data management in action. If you have not already booked your appointment, I’d encourage you to do so soon completing our ‘book a meeting form’.