PowerCenter Pay As You Go (PAYG) on AWS

Pay As You Go (PAYG)
Informatica’s PowerCenter Pay As You Go (PAYG) now available on AWS Marketplace

Informatica is pleased to announce the availability of PowerCenter Pay As You Go (PAYG) on AWS Marketplace. Now you can quickly launch Informatica PowerCenter on AWS with just few clicks. Within couple of hours you can start developing your data integration project. You can also manage the upfront infrastructure cost as per the business needs. Furthermore, you can also continue to install PowerCenter manually or Bring your own license (BYOL) on AWS Infrastrurcture.

The AWS Marketplace listing for PowerCenter PAYG provides seamless experience. You can bring your existing PowerCenter metadata, jobs and leverage the AWS infrastructure. Also, you are charged for the AWS Infrastructure along with the Informatica Software pricing. Moreover, you can add or remove the additional capacity based on your need. A true pay as you go!

  • Integrate your on-premises and cloud data sources with industry’s leading data integration software – PowerCenter.
  • Setup your PowerCenter environment up and running in a matter of hours.
  • Available on an hourly basis with no upfront cost – Starting from “$3.50/hr or $24,528/year (20% savings) for Informatica Software” + AWS Infrastructure fees per CPU core.
  • Seamlessly reuse skills and all your existing efforts such as mappings, workflows, metadata across on-premises and Cloud environments.
PowerCenter Pay As You Go (PAYG)
On Demand Model – “Pay As You Go”

PowerCenter on AWS Marketplace

PowerCenter on AWS Marketplace allows you to quickly deploy PowerCenter in AWS infrastructure.

Informatica PowerCenter For Windows (PAYG)
Informatica PowerCenter For RHEL (PAYG)


PowerCenter Pay As You Go (PAYG)
Search result for PowerCenter on AWS Marketplace

How to get started

  1. Register with Informatica for the product usage and License agreement
    • Informatica Registration page 
    • After successful registration, you will be provided with Informatica License agreement (sent over email) which includes PowerCenter SE 10.1.1HF1 and Informatica Cloud Services subscription. This helps you to integrate your on-premises and Cloud data sources using the PowerExchange for Cloud Apps Connector.
  2. Deploy PowerCenter on AWS Marketplace
    • Sign-in to the AWS Marketplace and search for PowerCenter PAYG (Windows or RHEL).
    • There are several ways to deploy (you must accept the T&C before proceeding).
      1. PowerCenter Deployment New VPC – Builds a new Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and then install PowerCenter.
      2. Deployment Existing VPC – Install PowerCenter domain into your existing infrastructure (VPC).
      3. PowerCenter Domain Expansion – Add a Single PowerCenter node into already deployed Informatica domain in AWS. You can also use the Informatica Operational Insights Auto-Scale feature to automatically deploy nodes based on the business needs. More info can be found here .
    • Operating System support – Windows Server 2012 R2 and RHEL 7.3.
    • Informatica Domain Database – Oracle RDS Instance.
  3. After successful deployment, you can use the Informatica registration details sent over email to quickly setup PowerCenter license agreement. In case you face any issues refer to the Informatica moderated community forum for support or refer to usage instructions for more detail.
  4. In case you are interested in BYOL, you can refer here

Why wait! Quickly spin up and down AWS infrastructure resources based on your business needs, therefore eliminating the upfront infrastructure cost and get your PowerCenter environment up and running in a matter of few hours.


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