Auto-Scale PowerCenter Grids on AWS in Minutes using Informatica Operational Insights

Finding it hard to keep up with the increasing business demand on your PowerCenter data integration platform? Or finding it hard to plan for capacity of your PowerCenter domain while keeping the cost optimized? Does it take weeks, if not months to add additional compute capacity?

Auto-Scale PowerCenter Grids on AWS in minutes using Informatica Operational Insights

Informatica is happy introduce Auto-Scale feature for PowerCenter Grids, so that additional compute capacity can be automatically provisioned in less than 15 minutes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Wait… there’s more… additional PowerCenter license can be purchased on-demand along with EC2 compute instance in Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model from AWS Marketplace.

You can use the elasticity offered on PowerCenter Grids by Informatica Operational Insights while utilizing the flexible cloud compute capacity from Amazon EC2 infrastructure. When you are done with extra compute capacity, Operational Insights can automatically scale down your Grid, saving infrastructure and license cost. With less capital expenditure upfront you can avoid over-provisioning while you meet the peak loads or seasonal loads on your PowerCenter installations.

Informatica Operational Insights

Auto-Scale PowerCenter Grids on AWS in minutes using Informatica Operational InsightsInformatica Operational Insights is a hybrid cloud service and offers Auto-Scale capability for PowerCenter Grids. Additional nodes to the grids can be added through a manual trigger or a rule based automatic trigger. You can configure rules on CPU or Memory utilization rates. When the average utilization rate crosses the defined threshold for a specified time window, auto-scale is automatically triggered. Operational Insights periodically collects resource utilization metrics and evaluates them in real time and expands or contracts compute capacity in the Grid as required. No human intervention is needed as Operational Insights orchestrates the entire flow. Any workflow or session running on the grid can make use of the additional compute capacity.

Scale-up Orchestration Steps: Operational Insights orchestrates the provisioning of the new EC2 node, installing PowerCenter on that node, running any custom scripts if specified to customize the EC2 node, addition of the new node to the domain, joining the node to the grid and enabling Integration Service to run on the new node.

Scale-down Orchestration Steps: Operational Insights orchestrates the removal of the node from the grid after all the running workflows have completed execution (making sure no workflow is aborted), runs any custom scripts provided, shuts down the EC2 node and deletes the EC2 instance.

Scale up rule can be something like – Add a new node if average CPU utilization across all the nodes in my Grid exceeds 70% for 30 minutes.

Scale down rule can be something like – Remove additional node if average Memory utilization across all the nodes in my Grid falls below 50%.

Choose from a wide range of EC2 instance types for new nodes. You can set a threshold on the maximum number of nodes that you want to auto-scale so that your expenses are under control. Customize the new node to suite your requirements by running a startup script (e.g. host file entries, open desired ports, installing client libraries, etc.).

After you configure your grids for Auto-Scale in Operational Insights, you can run Test Scale-up or Test Scale-down to verify configurations.

Supported versions: PowerCenter 10.1.1, 10.1.1 HF1

Informatica License

There are two options:

  1. Procure sufficient licenses ahead of time and use the PowerCenter Bring Your Own License (BYOL) listings on AWS Marketplace.
  2. Pay by the hour for the license used, by using PowerCenter Pay-As-You-G (PAYG) listings on AWS Marketplace.

You can also use your custom Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) apart from using the PowerCenter AMIs from AWS Marketplace. New EC2 node created can be spin up from your custom AMI. In this case, domain should have enough core licenses procured ahead of time.

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