Critical Success Factors for Governance: Collaboration and Constant Education

Data GovernanceOver the past year, my travels have taken me all over the world. From events in Amsterdam to Dublin, from New York to San Francisco, D.C. to Chicago. At each event, conference, summit, or symposium, I seem to always pick up one or two new tricks of the trade. At some of these events, I’m learning how to hone my craft. At others, I’m speaking to some of you on how to best hone yours. That’s what great about industry events. No matter where you go, you’ll pick up new advice – be it from the presenters, the experts holding the conference, or your fellow attendees.

I often find that the most helpful group, the one that is most likely to support one another with guidance, are those individuals who spend their days and nights thinking about data governance. I’m not sure if it’s the feeling that sometimes they are on an island alone in their own organization or they simply are some of the friendliest faces in our business, but the governance teams always seem to be there to help one another. It’s no surprise then that collaboration and constant education have become critically important to governance professionals.

If you are a governance leader, then the next opportunity to network and learn is coming your way. In just a few short weeks, we’ll convene in London for our next Data Governance and Compliance Summit. At the Summit, you’ll get the chance to collaborate with others in your field and learn from the experts regarding some of the newest advancements and changes headed your way, including practical advice around how to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here are some of the highlights that you’ll encounter if you attend the event:

  • Multiple Chief Data Officers – hear directly from some of the biggest CDOs in the UK and EMEA. Learn from their experiences on building a data-driven culture and even hear from the authors about the newly written, “The Chief Data Officers Playbook”.
  • Two Industry Analysts – learn from the analysts that cover GDPR and Data Governance. At the Summit, you’ll get to hear from Alan Rodger from Ovum, a leading authority on the latest EU regulation and data governance. You’ll also hear from Bob Tarzey from Quocirca, one of the leaders in GDPR compliance and security. Get practical advice from the analysts that cover these important areas.
  • The latest technology advancements – not only will you hear about the tools that will help you with data quality and governance, but you’ll also get a chance to see how those solutions can be used to help you prepare for GDPR compliance.
  • Great partners – hear from some of our biggest partners in the data governance space. Learn how they can help you as you embark on your governance and compliance journey – and pick up some practical advice.

Finally, not only will you be able to pick up some tips and tricks from all of the above, but you’ll also get the opportunity to network with others facing the same challenges. With collaboration being such a critical success factor for governance, getting to work with some of your peers from outside of your organization is paramount. But even more important will be the collaboration you’ll need from inside your business, so bring some of your colleagues to the Data Governance and Compliance Summit on December 6th. The best part? It’s free to attend! I look forward to seeing you in London.