Will Artificial Intelligence be Big at AWS re:Invent?

AWS re:InventYou betcha! In fact I heard it’s gonna be so big, that AWS had to rent a whole additional Vegas hotel to keep it all in! OK so I am only half kidding… For anybody following this space, the explosive growth of this conference, has been one of the biggest indicators of how massive AWS has become and the type of attention AWS has been getting. The growing attendance from Fortune 500 companies in recent years has demonstrated the focus on AWS within enterprise IT departments. This is very much in line with what we are seeing, here at Informatica, among our many large customers. And this year will mark the biggest AWS re:Invent yet! So if you are one of the lucky, over 40,000 anticipated attendees, joining us at re:Invent this November, you can expect to see and hear a LOT about AI at this conference. That’s a very easy Vegas prediction I am willing to bet on!

AWS re:InventAt Informatica, we are heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence. AI is both an enabler for our own product innovation, as well as a high priority, data-powered initiative, for many of our customers going through digital transformation. When you think about it, at its very core, AI is all about unleashing the power of data.  There is no AI without data. AI can only be built on top of mountains and mountains of data. Therefore, any AI initiative today requires a very strong data management discipline. And of course, if it’s data management you are after, you need not look any further than Informatica. Informatica is the only company in the industry, who leads in every data management area we play in, which comes up to five, btw.

But what is Informatica’s secret sauce to our continued leadership and innovation in cloud data management? The secret sauce is metadata-driven AI. Metadata-driven architecture has always been at the core of our platform. This insistent focus on metadata in everything we do, has allowed us to go to the next level with our Intelligent Data Platform. Metadata holds the key to true insights about your data. And when you apply artificial intelligence algorithms to massive amounts of metadata, you truly unleash the power of your data.

The CLAIRE™ engine,  Informatica’s metadata-driven AI solution, is at the foundation of our Intelligent Data Platform, and allows us to provide the marketplace with truly innovative data management solutions for AWS, such as Intelligent Data Lake, Enterprise Data Catalog, AWS migration, data warehouse modernization, Secure@Source, in-workstream recommendations, lineage insights and more.

If you are planning on attending AWS re:Invent this year, and we hope you are, we invite you to meet with us at our Booth # 109 to hear all about AI-driven data management solutions for AWS. Or better yet, we have a few spots left for complimentary 1:1 consultations with our experts. So book your appointment today! Spots are quickly filling up.

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Hope to see you there!