Where’s My Plain Old Search Box in MDM?

MDMPlain old ‘Real time search’ in MDM is not only a thing of the past but also proved to be frustratingly elusive without spicing it up with some ‘smartness’.

Informatica MDM, as always, is leading the way with its smart search capabilities. You can technically ‘Googlize’ the master data entities for your data stewards. It can yield relevant and reliable search results that your data steward always wanted. As providing the results within the application context is vital, the search option is exposed as an embeddable component rather than available within the scope of a pre-defined UI. This gives the flexibility on how the search results can be used.

To provide an optimal performance, the smart search can be configured to index only the fields that are reliable and relevant for business. For the same reason, the smart search functionality is intended to compliment and not to replace the existing search capabilities of IDD (Informatica Data Director) UI within Informatica MDM. No digging through hundreds of search results. No joggling around the number of search fields. Relevant data in precise format, comes up to the top, with the Apache Solr and Zookeeper doing the backend work for you.


What are your most common requirements when you think of searching ‘smart’? Let me try to list few.

  • Exclude common words to remove the noise words in the search queries. For example, INC could be a potential noise word which you do not want to participate in searches.
  • Add your own synonyms to make your search results better. For example, searching “MDM” should yield “Master Data Management” also.
  • Powerful faceting features support grouping and organizing the data in a multitude of ways
  • Near Real Time (NRT) search to search rapidly changing content
  • Slice and dice your data as you see fit using the entity specific filters
  • Re-index the data, at will, for example, when you add a new source system that changed the master data drastically
  • Ignore the common spelling errors during the search (We do have fat fingers, don’t we?)
  • Typeahead/Auto-suggestions in the search box as the business users type-in
  • Wild card search capabilities
  • Access the smart search API remotely through REST API and embed it in your existing interfaces
  • Option to view the business entities that are in the search results, in both data view and in the state of the art hierarchy view

Voila! Informatica MDM addresses all of these requirements with ease of use and ease of development effort.

And what more? As part of design & implementation, you can change the indexing interval, solr component shard settings and much more using the solr admin console that is available as part of the MDM.

You can start with a simple demonstration in this video.