How AWS Data Lake Transforms Asurion Mobile Customer Experience

Data Lake
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If you are anything like me, you might have, once or twice, dropped your phone in some not-to-be-specified water-carrying vessel… So it’s pretty safe to say that your mobile device is likely protected by Asurion. Asurion is a multi-billion dollar company providing much-needed insurance for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, on behalf of the major wireless providers.

To improve engagement with its 290 Million global customers and increase loyalty to the biggest electronic brands, Asurion relies on data. A lot of data! In fact, much of it is real time and IoT data from over a billion worldwide devices, protected by Asurion. But of course this IoT data provides only a partial picture of the customer. To unleash the power of their data, Asurion needed to perform advanced analytics, bringing together this IoT data along with many other data sources about their customers.

Asurion made an architectural decision, towards that end, to implement a cloud-based intelligent data lake solution with AWS and Informatica. Asurion is extending and augmenting their existing on-premises data warehouse environment, a long time Informatica implementation, with this new cloud data lake and cloud data warehouse on AWS.

Asurion’s goal, for its data lake project, was to build a comprehensive customer repository by combining data, such as marketing and demographic data, along with multiple other real time, IoT, cloud and on-premises data sources. Asurion is using the new solution to combine, prepare and deliver massive amounts of data, including real time data, from cloud and on-premises source for discovery, analysis and reporting as well as to feed into new applications being developed.

AWS was the established IT direction right from the outset and Asurion required a solution that integrates seamlessly into AWS. Asurion liked the ability to scale up and down and ‘pay as you go’ features of a cloud solution, eliminating worries about infrastructure. Asurion had a small group of talented Enterprise Architects who did not want to piece together a big data ecosystem of disparate vendors or “hand-code”. Their analysis indicated that hand coding would be more costly and more difficult to maintain and support over the long term than selecting an integrated data management platform. The Asurion team evaluated 35 point-solutions from various big data vendors, prior to settling on their chosen approach for a comprehensive end-to-end intelligent data lake solution. Asurion is now expanding their data lake initiative to support intelligent data discovery and cataloging.

We are super excited to host Asurion experts in our upcoming joint webinar with AWS. In this technical session, Asurion’s Architect will share how Asurion is implementing a comprehensive data lake architecture, to deliver trusted, timely and actionable data. This new architecture helps Asurion gain customer insight and improve customer experience and engagement through advanced analytics, leveraging data from multiple cloud and on-premise data sources, including high volume, real time and IoT data.



Joint our webinar ‘Asurion transforms customer experience with AWS Data Lake‘ on Thursday Nov 2nd at 10:00 am PT, to learn:

  • What were Asurion’s business drivers and technical challenges leading them to build a data lake solution on AWS
  • Why Asurion selected their data lake architecture, best practices and lessons learned
  • How you can deliver your own intelligent data lake solution with AWS and Informatica

Looking forward to seeing you there!