EDC Discover for Tableau: In Context Data Catalog for Self Service BI

Informatica at the ongoing Tableau Conference

A data catalog is essential to provide a single place for data discovery for all kinds of data consumers: business users, data analysts and report developers. A large majority of these users have already chosen Tableau as the Business Intelligence and Analytics platform of choice. Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog allows data owners and data stewards to curate datasets adding certified data sources, add business context and terminology assisted by Informatica’s CLAIRE machine learning platform helping Tableau users quickly find the most relevant and trusted data sources for their analysis needs.

But what next? How can you ensure that analysts use certified data sets? How can you help report consumers understand key terminology and context? How can you ensure report developers use data correctly in the way intended by the data owners? Enterprise Data Catalog Tableau pack gives you the next steps through the EDC Discover Plugin for Tableau.

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) Discover Plugin for Tableau 

EDC Discover for Tableau brings all governance context, business classifications and AI powered recommendations for self-service BI users within the context of the Tableau app. EDC Discover for Tableau is a Chrome browser plugin that automatically detects the active Tableau report or dashboard and provides rich contextual information within Tableau on data asset certification, data quality, data lineage, business definitions and a platform for social – community based feedback.


EDC Discover Plugin auto detects active Tableau reports
  • EDC Discover provides Tableau Report consumers understanding of the full business and technical context of the worksheet, dashboard or data source in Tableau including:
    • Business Descriptions and Business Terms, People – Data Owners, Data Stewards, SMEs to help Tableau users find people who can help answer their questions about reporting assets.
View business descriptions and associated governance context as part of the Discover plugin


Clicking a business term(Axon or Informatica Business Glossary) shows term descriptions and relationships
    • Social indicators for a report including user endorsements, certifications by data stewards and user commentary. Additionally, users can comment, flag or endorse a report, all within the context of the active tableau report
Comment in the context of the Tableau report


Users can comment, flag or add questions to any data asset in the Catalog.


  • Data Lineage and Visibility into the full data pipeline


View Source Table Details


Clicking the data lineage button shows full data lineage


  • EDC Discover brings the full power of the Catalog Discovery and search system within the context of the Tableau app. This helps report developers search and access certified data sources, promoted by data stewards from across the enterprise. Using smart facets and semantic search capabilities, self-service BI users will be able to discover the most relevant and trusted data source needed for their analysis.
Search data assets within the context of the Tableau app.


  • EDC Discover also provides AI Powered Recommendations for alternate and additional datasets that can be used by self-service BI users in choosing the right data assets while developing the report.

If you are a data steward, Tableau user or in IT, the new EDC discover plugin brings business and governance context, social collaboration and AI powered recommendations closest to where it matters most – to the usage of data assets. The end goal is still agile self-service analytics but with the EDC discover plugin, it can finally be delivered by IT, data stewards in collaboration with the analytics team.