Reimagining Hybrid Data Management

Hybrid Data Management

Organizations today embrace a hybrid world where cloud applications need to seamlessly work with on-premises. The need for businesses to become more agile and lead their own data-driven intelligent disruptions has never been stronger. With the explosion of cloud applications, IT struggles have multiplied to support the new cloud-based application development models with respect to infrastructure, operations, and governance – and integrate them with their on-premises landscape.

It is not an easy task, and there is no one answer for how to capitalize on cloud. With multiple cloud vendors, IT has realized it’s not possible to have a single cloud platform that’s right for their whole business or application environment. That adds more complexity to integrate, manage and monitor data across the expanding hybrid world.

With Release 10.2, Informatica addresses those struggles head on to make the transition to cloud more seamless and manageable. Some of the latest services and capabilities included in this release focus on the hybrid needs of enterprises like yours.

If you are building out big data projects to support advanced analytics in your company and are looking to move to cloud platforms, Informatica provides enterprise-scalable hybrid and multi-cloud deployments of comprehensive Hadoop ecosystem support (including latest versions of Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Redshift, Microsoft HDI, Azure DW, MapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks, ADLS and BLOB). You can utilize and reuse the same resources, and save time and cost by moving to a one-click, zero-footprint cloud deployment of Big Data and implement fast conversions from PowerCenter on-premises to cloud environments.

Many of our customers, who have been using various Informatica on-premises and cloud solutions like PowerCenter, Data Quality, Intelligent Cloud Services and Big Data Management, have faced some operational challenges to manage these multiple products and installations distributed across their global data centers and cloud platforms. With Informatica Release 10.2, Operational Insights provides an integrated global dashboard for enterprises to easily manage and assess their Informatica assets, usage and trends. It also projects utilization growth and provides data points to make analytical decisions on the future capacity needs. Additionally, Ops Insights provides recommendations, historical workflow run statistics and any aberrations to watch out for, so our customers can watch the functionality and performance closely and take a unified, global view and analysis of all data integration processes across the enterprise.

Finally, in the hybrid gamut of offerings, is Informatica’s one and only hub-based orchestration of all data flows – across clouds, big data environments and traditional on-premises systems. If you are looking to standardize the data and application integrations across cloud and on-premises environments, Informatica Integration Hub can help you achieve that with an easy to use, self-service and scalable solution to manage and track data across various end-points without the need for constant updates and coding to support change management.

Please reach out to your Informatica account manager to learn more and how you could enable your team with the latest and greatest around the Hybrid Data Management offerings.