Informatica and Snowflake: Build your Next-Gen Rapid Data Warehousing on the Cloud

Cloud Data WarehouseThe cloud is proving to be immensely popular as it provides self-service, elastic, managed, on-demand infrastructure, platform and solutions to the organization. Organizations can put just about any process, application or system in the cloud, the data warehouse being one of them.

Snowflake is one such data warehouse purpose built for the cloud.

According to Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a leader in iPaaS with its rich features and scale to meet enterprises’ ever-growing need for quicker and scalable data insights.

Informatica is pleased to announce the best-in-class Data Integration capabilities with Snowflake Data Warehouse.

Informatica’s state-of-the-art Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse connector will allow you to develop powerful data integration mappings from virtually any of your on-premises and cloud sources to Snowflake Data Warehouse. It significantly reduces development costs, and allows you to get to work within minutes.


Design complex integrations with Snowflake in minutes with ZERO manual code

Just a few clicks will usher you into a world of multi-fold benefits, such as:


  • Supports any integration patterns such as ETL, ELT, APIs, Streaming etc.
  • Supports INSERT, UPSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations.
  • Creates target table at runtime, removing all the complexity of DDL statements so that you can focus on the DI task at-hand.
  • Enables both pre-SQL and post-SQL to extend beyond the boundaries of the DI task itself.
  • Eliminate tight coupling by choosing Pub/Sub Data Integration pattern.


  • Supports JDBC SSL-encryption end-to-end.
  • Stores key credentials in encrypted manner in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services repository.
  • Provides role-based access.

Monitoring, Control and Orchestration

  • Enables efficiently & accurately processing any volume of data, without degradation.
  • Performs DML and DDL operations in atomic transaction mode, resulting in higher efficiency.
  • Includes built-in error management capabilities such as Notifications & Alerts.
  • Allows users to change local staging file location, leading to better disk-management.

Performance and Scale

  • The snowflake connector lets you take advantage of the read and write concurrency of snowflake warehouse.
  • Supports ODBC FULL push-down optimization resulting in faster data processing and limiting the volume of data moving out of the Snowflake cluster.
  • Optimized for bulk inserts; follows Snowflake best practices for reading or writing your data.
  • Supports partitioning, enabling spawning parallel data pipelines end-to-end.
  • Utilizes optimized cached look-up, enabling faster turn-around when referencing a table.


  • Supports parameterizing and overriding almost all properties at runtime.
  • Define your own custom-SQL imparting greater flexibility
  • Supports Informatica Secure Agent either on-premises or hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Getting Started

Informatica is a trusted technology partner of Snowflake

Together, Informatica and Snowflake enable you to integrate and combine data from a broad range of data sources, while ensuring quality and consistency, and with the agility and scalability needed to provide universal access to analytics. We jointly work with one goal in mind: Customer Success.