Secrets of an Intelligent Master Data Management Strategy

Master Data Management StrategyIf you are defining or re-thinking your Master Data Management (MDM) strategy, you have probably wondered how you can make your MDM journey successful for you, your team and your organization.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn from people and organizations who have successfully gone through this before?

Tom Gottweis, MDM – expert and Head of Data Strategy at Winsupply, a North-American distributor, recently described an intelligent and holistic approach it adopted. He identifies several critical success factors that are common to all MDM implementations and unveils his “secrets” of a winning MDM strategy.


Master Data Management Strategy
Tom Gottweis, Head of Data Strategy at Winsupply interviewed at Informatica World in “The CUBE”

Winsupply sells residential and commercial construction and industrial supplies to their B2B customers – either via one of their 580 wholesaling locations or on their ecommerce site. As of today, they have 6 million SKUs and work with 5 thousand suppliers. The leading wholesaler’s home grown ERP system had evolved over the years, leaving its data disconnected with data quality issues and workflow challenges that would slow future growth.

By centralizing and standardizing its data management, Winsupply is constructing a foundation of trusted product and customer data. Leveraging our MDM and master data-fueled Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, Winsupply has increased operational efficiencies, speed up time-to-market and reduced cost. Here are some examples highlighting a few of the great business outcomes the Winsupply team delivered:

  • Enhanced online B2B customer experience due to higher quality product information and more complete product data.
  • Easier and faster product assortment optimization at Winsupply locations based on better knowledge of what’s available.
  • Improved efficiencies since they now leverage a rule based classification system that auto-classifies and auto assigns items in the item collection to their taxonomy.
  • Higher quality and much easier to understand product descriptions thanks to a system that normalizes abbreviations into full English words and enables extraction of attribute data from those full English words.
  • Improved visibility across the team with quicker and easier searches across the entire collection of available items.

“In the past, it took us 3 months to integrate systems of a new subsidiary acquisition into the Winsupply ‘family,” says Tom Gottweis. “With MDM and PIM in place, we could reduce this integration time for similar acquisitions to 5 days only! This means significant cost savings and much faster time to market. Additionally, we can reduce the workload for Data Stewards by 50%. Our investment in Informatica MDM, Product 360 and Data Governance provides much value to our organization with better profits and faster return on investment.”


Watch the webinar with Winsupply – now available on demand.

If you missed Tom’s presentation at Informatica Word and would like to learn Tom’s secrets of a winning MDM strategy, including key success factors and lessons learned listen to the webinar with Winsupply.