Informatica Data Archive for Salesforce

How much data has grown in Salesforce YOY?

Data ArchiveAs we all know, companies of all sizes have been migrating their applications to the cloud. Salesforce is the biggest example of how SaaS is expanding, penetrating all areas of the companies. Consequently, the number of users accessing the application grew significantly. More application, more users, more business being managed on the cloud means more data!


Data Archive

Salesforce allocates a quota for the production based on several users with a minimum of 1GB for most editions. The company charges customers by the amount of data they store. The amount of historical data stored within Salesforce increases year over year thereby increasing the cost of subscription.

What are the possible solutions?

Add more storage

Organizations can always add more storage to their account by purchasing it. Since Salesforce charges customers by the amount of data stored, the amount of historical data stored within Salesforce increases year over year thereby increasing the cost of subscription.

A record in uses about 2B of storage. So, 250K records = ~ 0.5GB of storage. Salesforce Contact Manager is limited to 1 GB of data storage and 1.5 GB of file storage.

Archive the data that is not frequently accessed

The unwanted data can be deleted and the remaining data can be archived on a periodic basis on business needs in an external database. Salesforce does have their native data archive solutions to archive tasks/events records based on the user preferences. Either records that are older than 365 days are automatically archived, or the user can voluntarily decide as to which records are to be archived.

Data Archive for Salesforce

Informatica Data Archive solves the problem of storage limitation by allowing customers to archive these historical and infrequently used records. Informatica Data Archive is shipped with a connector for Salesforce, which connects to Salesforce and lets you archive records from the standard as well as custom objects in the Salesforce Data mode, in a highly-compressed mode and stored in an encrypted format. The records are then kept in Informatica Data Vault which is a columnar database with proven technology designed specifically to deal with archiving of records and to adhere to all compliance and restrictions enforced by law. Once data is in the Data Vault, customers can query it (from Salesforce or from any JDBC/ODBC compliant reporting tool), apply retention and legal hold, and purge it once the retention expires.


  • Ability to archive (delete) the records using customizable filters
  • Integration restriction filter to ensure some records are never archived
  • Smart Full Text Search for both records as well as attachments and documents
  • Use any reporting tool of choice by connecting to archived data using ODBC/JDBC connection
  • Business users can access archived data within Salesforce UI by enabling seamless access through Informatica Cloud Real Time
  • Apply retention policies and legal hold on Salesforce data archived to Data Archive
  • Encrypt Salesforce data stored in Data Archive